The Importance of Safety Boots

Safety boots are essential in a variety of work environments. The purpose of safety shoes is to protect feet against a wide range of injuries including cuts, burns, punctures and other workplace injuries. 

Why do we need safety boots?

Prevention is key! In some working environments accidents are an unfortunate likelihood making it extremely important to stay as safe as possible. This is why safety footwear are so important, and a staple piece of PPE amongst many industries as they’re specifically designed to help avoid nasty accidents and injury.

Prevention from injury 

The number one reason for workers to be wearing safety boots is injury prevention. Safety shoes offer protection from punctures, cuts, burns and impact and more! Safety boots also offer grip when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces, helping to prevent slips and falls which can lead to more serious problems such as broken bones and head injuries.

Safety at work

Why wear safety shoes at work? Safety is key in all working environments, especially those that pose a number of hazards to workers that can lead to foot injuries. Health and safety law requires employees to wear safety footwear where there is a real risk of injury. 

Prevention from fatigue 

Comfort is just as important! When you’re on your feet the last thing you want is a heavy and uncomfortable pair of boots tiring out your legs and feet. Wearing a comfortable, well-fitting and supportive pair of safety footwear can also help to prevent fatigue and keep your feet happy throughout the day. The overall weight of the boots can impact fatigue on the feet and legs – the heavier the boots the greater chance of fatigue.

There’s a common misconception that heavy boots are more durable, but this is not necessarily the case. Safety boots made from raw materials are much lighter and extremely durable. 

Types of safety boots 

Types of safety boots vary, and it’s essential that workers are wearing the correct safety footwear for the specific working environment. 

Safe Toe

safe toe safety boots

Safe toe boots are a type of protective footwear that provide protection from a number of hazards. This type of toe footwear is extremely durable and helps keep your feet safe and sound throughout the working day.

Our Safety Platform Safety Boots are lightweight, waterproof and extremely reliable, perfect for those who are after comfort and practicality whilst at work. 

Steel Insole Boots

steel toe insole safety boots

Puncture resistant, steel insole boots offer enhanced safety, comfort and protection. 

Steel insole boots offer protection from ‘sharps’, so these are a must for those working in environments where there’s a high risk of stepping on sharp objects. Steel insole boots can also help to align the skeletal structure to reduce foot, leg and lower-back fatigue.

The Grisport Workmate has a flexible, jointed midsole design making it great for workmen who have to work at low level regularly such as plumbers. These kinds of professions require a boot that has a sole that will bend, whilst still giving protection from sharp, obstructive objects.


wearing safety boots

If working in an environment where you build up static electricity is common, you’ll need to opt for wearing safety shoes that offer protection from electrical shock. These need to be made from non-conductive materials such as leather or rubber so as to prevent the chances of experiencing an electric shock.

The Grisport Thermo Safety Shoe is a lightweight safety trainer for functionality in a multitude of work environments.

Features of safety boots to prevent injury 

Safety shoes have a number of features that help to prevent injury in a variety of ways. They come with a range of different safety features suitable for different environments and the different hazards and risks that come with it. By assessing the main risks that are present in your workplace you’ll be able identify which boots are most suitable. 

Steel toe-cap

steel midsole

Steel-toe boots help prevent a wide range of foot injuries, not just injuries from falling objects. They can also help prevent injuries due to slips and falls, cuts/lacerations and burns, and punctures. 

The Trojan Safety Boot is perfect for a range of working environments, offering a great level of protection.

Steel midsole

steel midsole

For those who are working in environments where ‘sharps’ are likely, boots with a steel midsole are a must. Flexible and puncture resistant, these boots provide the ultimate protection from nails or other sharp objects that could be stood on and lead to serious injuries. 

The Expert Safety Boot is packed full of safety features. The composite lightweight toe-cap of the boot and midsole ensure your foot is fully protected! 


grip safety boots

Many injuries can be caused by trips, slips and falls. The grip provided by safety shoes helps to prevent these and keep them safe and sturdy. Especially for those working in environments where there may be slippery surfaces or uneven ground it’s extremely important that safety boots have traction and the right tread.

Grisports Combat Safety Boot is anti-slip which helps to prevent any unwanted injuries occurring. As well as the sole being anti-slip, it is also grease resistant, heatproof and self-cleaning.


For working environments that require heavy lifting, such as construction or trade, workers may require boots that offer extra support for their ankles. Packed with additional safety features, such as shockproof and slip-resistant soles, our safety ankle boots are designed with your safety in mind.

Our boots are designed to withstand everything your job can throw at them, all while maintaining incredible comfort and support. We offer a wide wide range of work safety shoes such as; steel toe cap boots, steel mid-sole boots sole and slip-on safety boots.

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