Our Technology

Who are Grisport UK?

You may not have heard of Grisport before, but we’ve been producing handmade leather boots in Italy since 1977. Since making our first handmade pair of shoes, at the foot of the Dolomite mountains, we’ve grown into one of Italy’s premier footwear brands. Our commitment to quality and comfort ensures that when you buy a pair of Grisport boots, you’ll never be disappointed.

The Stats:

        Production of over 20,000 pairs per day

        5000 models, using patented innovation & high-performance membranes, coupled with traditional shoe making experience & attention to detail

        40,000m2 factory

        2,000 employees

        One of the world’s finest examples of a successful business made in Italy

Our Lining Materials

GRITEX® This membrane structure is resistant to rain and protects against the cold. Warm feet are therefore guaranteed, even on the coldest days. GRITEX® lining for foot comfort.

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Spo-Tex® original waterproof linings. Rain and snow cannot get in, but because of its poromeric structure perspiration can escape through thousands of tiny micropores, so your feet will stay warm and dry, no matter how cold an wet it is outside. Original Spo-Tex® protection gives outstanding comfort for your feet just what you expect from Grisport.

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CORDURA® performance fabric is a key element in all high quality trekking boots and shoes. Outstanding durability and excellent resistance to tear and puncture ensure many years of enjoyment.

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Sympatex® is a non-porous membrane that is sewn invisibly between the outer material (leather or fabric) & the lining in footwear. Sympatex® is 100% waterproof, can be stretched up to 300% in any direction and is extremely breathable.

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Premium Quality Leather

1.  The Upper – The outside of the boot above the midsole. Uppers are usually found to be made of sturdy and hard-wearing materials such as leather or lightweight options such as suede/cordura performance. Using a good leather is of paramount importance and Grisport scout the globe looking for the best leather available. The selection of the best leather ensures breathability, performance and exceptional comfort. Our leather is tested to guarantee maximum waterproof protection possible. The thickness of our leather varies between 2mm and 2.2mm.

Waterproof & Breathable

1.  The Liner – Some walking boots can be manufactured with a waterproof inner which will protect your feet against wet conditions, ideal for wet weather walks. Our Spotex and Sympatex membranes are made with a special design process to make the footwear highly breathable with lasting waterproof protection. We carefully tape all seams inside the boot to guarantee better insulation than traditional open linings.

Support System

The Support System® is an effective heel locking system designed and patented by Grisport to get perfect control of the foot through optimum adherence during all phases of movement. The fit is always comfortable and secure.

Vibram Soles

Each Vibram® sole has been designed to offer maximum performance, comfort and durability to even the most demanding user. With over 60 years experience, Vibram® works with Grisport to ensure each one of them undergoes rugged test and stringent controls. Vibram soles make the best shoes to wear.

Arch Support Insole: An anatomic, perforated insole for fantastic breathability. It is antibacterial, removable and does not store odours. Can be removed for orthotic insole insert. 

2 Part Mid-Sole Stabiliser: Stiff, torsion-proof arch support made of nylon placed between the PU and the rubber to ensure maximum stability when walking and reduce flexing on uneven ground.


Shape & Fit

Our footwear is researched and tested for various shapes of feet to ensure utmost comfort and minimum fatigue.

Grisport footwear features an ergonomic shape that is specially designed to adapt to any type of foot. Even the upper has been custom constructed to avoid leaving any gaps so the footwear perfectly envelopes your feet to ensure comfort and a high-precision fit. Our unique CAD technology simulates all phases of walking in each design we create.

Rigorously Tested

We relentlessly subject our footwear to strict testing in our laboritories. We check the abrasion resistance and durability of materials so that we can guarantee great resistance to wear and tear. 

Dynamometer: We relentlessly subject our footwear to strict testing in our laboritories; the dynamometer is used to check the quality of the sole’s adhesion to the upper.

Martindale: Our laborities perform this test to check the abrasion resistance and durability of materials so we can guarantee greater resistance to wear and tear.