How To Take Care Of Your Walking Boots

Here at Grisport we manufacture and distribute some of the best walking boots for men, women and children of all ages and sizes. If you like to be at one with nature and enjoy taking long hikes on the weekends, then a good pair of walking boots is a good investment for you to commit to. Made with the finest materials, all of our Grisport footwear is priced at its worth, and we can ensure that if you take good care of your walking boots, then your walking boots will take good care of you! We have many accessories available on our website that you can purchase either with or separate your walking boots to ensure longevity and quality with every wear – take a look at our Grisport Care Guide…


How To Take Good Care Of Your Walking Boots


Protector Spray


Purpose: Protect footwear from general water damage, oil spills, possible stains.


Priced at just £4.99, our Protector Spray is quite possibly the most straight-forward and time consuming solution to purchase with every pair of footwear you get from us at Grisport. Available in a 200ml spray can, its aim is to simply protect your footwear against water damage and oil spills without affecting the boot’s breathability. Our Protector Spray invisibly protects leather, suede, fabric and wool materials and helps to protect against stains.

*Not suitable for some synthetic, patent, metallic and pearlised finishes.

Waterproof Cream


Purpose: Protect wax finishes from water damage


Our Grisport Waterproof Cream is a genuine Grisport wax accustomed with its own sponge for easy application included in a 100ml jar. Made in Italy, this cream is crafted to be an exact replacement of our waxed boot during the manufacturing of styles such as Fuse, Everest, Timber and many more to ensure that it keeps your Grisport boots in the best condition they can be in. At £8.99, it is a must buy if you own a pair of our waxed finish footwear.

Shoe Polish


Purpose: Sustain colour quality, shines and nourishes

Excellent value at just £1.49 for a 50ml jar, our shoe polish is the perfect accessory for shining, nourishing and protecting your Grisport footwear. To apply, simply use one of our small shoe brushes (Two Piece Brush Set – £2.99) and rub the polish over the area. Allow to dry, then take a second (clean) small brush, add a drop of water to the bristles then polish vigorously!

Shoe Stretcher


Purpose: Adds comfort and wearability


Punch by name, punch by nature with this 100ml shoe stretcher available on Have you have just purchased a new pair of walking boots and they seem a little tight? Or perhaps you want to ease in a pair of shoes you already own for maximum comfort, with this fantastic product just a couple of simple sprays to stretch the materials and you’re good to go for an affordable £3.99!

Ultra Absorb Insoles


Purpose: Absorb perspiration, aid comfort


When investing in a good pair of walking boots, you need to make sure that you feel 100% comfortable, especially to walk for long periods of time without changing. A good pair of insoles are always great to consider to keep the boot as fresh as possible, and for just £5.99 our Grisport absorb insoles have been created to fit any pair of Grisport boots to perfection.


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Looking after your walking boots has never been easier than with our expert assistance and quality products here at Grisport! If you require any further information or instruction on how to use our products, simply head to our website and take a read through our official Grisport Cleaning Guide or give us a call on 01670 713 344!

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