5 Benefits Of Wearing Lightweight Hiking Boots

For walkers, trekkers and hikers of any ability a pair of lightweight hiking boots are a must, not least for all the benefits they bring. Lightweight hiking boots don’t need to compromise on quality or durability, even if the terrain is more demanding providing you get the right pair. There are many benefits of lightweight hiking boots over heavier and more sturdy options, especially during the summer months.

Lightweight Hiking Boots Save Energy 

With less weight to carry around on your feet, you will use up less energy with every step. For hikers, more weight on their feet uses more energy than carrying weight in their backpacks. With hikes of any length, this can make a huge difference to both the distance you walk and how you feel whilst doing it. If you’re expending less energy every time you lift your feet with a lighter boot, this will allow you to hike further for longer. 

lightweight hiking boots benefits

Less Weight Requires Less Breaking In

Lightweight hiking boots require much less breaking in than more rigid, heavy boots, making them much more comfortable and less likely to cause blisters or sore patches on your feet. The lighter materials adapt to your foot better, compared with more rigid and sturdy materials that could rub and take a while to flex with your natural foot movement. Grisport lightweight boots are made with this in mind, allowing you to wear them straight from the box while still giving high-quality performance and durability.

Lightweight Boots Are More Comfortable

With softer materials comes added comfort, as well as additional breathability which prevents your feet from getting too hot. If your feet sweat due to no airflow, you’re more likely to get blisters, so lighter boots can help prevent this even on longer walks. Softer materials don’t mean less support or protection either, they can actually make boots, particularly the soles more flexible for additional cushioning. They’re also more likely to dry quickly if they get wet.

Ideal For Warmer Weather

The breathability of lightweight walking boots means your feet will be kept cooler for longer, which again not only reduces the likelihood of blisters and injuries but also keeps your energy for longer. Pairing your lightweight boots with the correct pair of thinner socks will keep your feet secure, and still allow for walking on uneven terrain in warmer weather. Durability is key and this doesn’t need to be compromised with lightweight boots

Lighter On Your Feet & Lighter To Carry

If you like to adventure beyond just locally or what’s on your doorstep, you will likely be travelling to different areas both in the UK and potentially further afield abroad. Lightweight boots mean you aren’t having to carry heavy, chunk boots with you, as well as everything else. They will fit naturally with your summer walking wardrobe, but still, provide the protection you need. Hiking holidays can result in a lot of gear and equipment, so minimising the weight is only going to be of benefit.

Men’s Lightweight Hiking Boots

Grisport has a broad range of men’s lightweight hiking boots to choose from, that provide all of the above benefits. Made in Italy, you can guarantee the quality and comfort that comes with them. 

Glencoe Walking Boot

glencoe walking boot

The Glencoe walking boot has been popular for over 10 years, with an outsole that is ideal for all terrains but is extremely lightweight with a waterproof and breathable lining. With a padded upper collar that gives added comfort, the Glencoe is a go-to for lightweight boots to be worn straight from the box. The different green colour gives it a little something extra for the summer. 

Terrain Walking Boot

terrain walking boot

The Terrain walking boot is a low-cut ankle boot with a sporty profile thanks to the Vibram rubber sole. It is also one of the lightest walking boots in the Grisport range and benefits from a waterproof lining and anti-scuff toe protection. These features combined make it one of the most capable performers, completely waterproof and breathable.

Inca Walking Boot

Inca walking boot

The Inca walking boot has it all; comfort, durability, waterproof and lightweight. The triple-density Vibram sole makes it ideal for different terrains, and the protective scuff rand lengthens the boot life so you can wear it time and time again. Not to compromise on comfort, the padded collar gives added support and protection. An ideal lightweight boot for any hiker.

Interested In Purchasing Lightweight Hiking Boots?

Browse the full range of Grisport boots, including the vast number of lightweight hiking boots on offer on the Grisport website. Made in Italy in one of the greenest factories in Europe, they offer the highest quality hiking boots that have maximum durability and are comfortable straight from the box.

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