Our Active Range

Our extensive research into walking comfort and our continuous investment into ground-breaking technology means that we’ve been able to design and create some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. Our ‘Active’ range is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and always made from top quality leather. Every single movement of the foot is cushioned.


Shape and Fit: Our footwear is researched and tested for various shapes of feet to ensure utmost comfort and minimum fatigue.

Built Around Your Feet: Grisport footwear features an ERGONOMIC shape that is specially designed to adapt to any type of foot. Even the upper has been custom constructed to avoid leaving any gaps so the footwear perfectly envelopes your feet to ensure comfort and a high-precision fit. Our unique CAD technology simulates all phases of walking in each design we create.


The Support System is an effective heel locking system designed to get perfect control of the foot through optimum adherence during all phases of movement. The fit is always comfortable and secure. This  system has been researched and patented by Grisport.

Antishock System: The tested Grisport antishock system protects the heel area of the foot and encourages the natural rolling of the foot, while acting as a shock absorber.


Comfort Technology Insole: Made with felt, the anatomic insole is highly breathable, absorbs sweat and then dries as soon as you remove the shoe. It is bonded with microfibre to guarantee sublime comfort, abrasion resistance and stability within the footwear for your feet. You can also remove ourinsole and replace with your own orthotic insole if required.

Active Air Soles

Our comfort and leisure collection contains many styles that have an Active Air sole. The Active Air sole is specially constructed to ensure that every movement is cushioned and encourages correct positioning of the foot while walking. This helps to prevent fatigue and discomfort.

  1. Ventilated leather insole
  2. Activated carbon insole
  3. Shock absorber
  4. Softening springs
  5. Cushioning midsole
  6. Anti-static and non-skid outsole

Key Advantages

  • Ventilation to minimise odour & moisture
  • Gritex lining keeps feet warm & dry
  • Memory foam insole on new styles
  • Proper poisture is maintained 
  • Ultra-light to minimise fatigue
  • Massage springs for impact absorption