Our winter walking safety tips

For many our walking gear gets put next to the beach towels and doesn’t come out until there is a glimpse of sun. Yet walking and winter can go hand in hand with each other if you know how to correctly prepare for the winter walking. This is why we have come up with our top safety tips for winter walks. Take a look below at our safety tips.

#1 Add layers

Walking in the winter can be cold! But don’t make the mistake of wearing one thick layer, this is where you will be going wrong. Adding breathable layers help trap the warm air in and cold air out. This is much better than one thick layer as it doesn’t add much insulation to your body.


#2 Check the weather conditions

Before you start walking, make sure you plan carefully. Check the sunset times, and make sure you leave enough spare time at the end, as the last thing you want to be doing is walking in the dark. This can be very dangerous. Therefore, make sure you take regular intervals throughout the day to ensure you have enough sun light. The earlier you start the more sunlight you will have at the end.


#3 Pack your rucksack correctly

Packing your rucksack is even more important in bad weather conditions, making sure you know exactly where everything is, is essential to a safe experience.

Make sure you tailor your first aid kit to one which has everything you need for the winter months, for example, a head torch. As the winter days are shorter, you may find yourself in the dark. At this point you will need a head torch to make sure you safe, they can come in useful to help you make your way back to shelter or as a signal in case of an emergency.
If you are only out for the day, we would advise you to take a bivvy bag or a group shelter, this is essential in case of an emergency, it will keep all the body heat together in a shelter which should be visible to rescuers.


#4 Let someone know

It is so important to let somebody know your expected route and timings. This applies for whether you are walking by yourself or in a group (although we always advise you to take someone when walking in winter). It is important to let someone know your expected arrival time.


#5 Have fun

Make sure you follow these tips but also make sure you have fun. Some of the most beautiful and picturesque views are in winter. So be sure to make the most of it!


Make sure you take note of these safety tips. If you require any more hints and tips for walking, then take a look at our blog here.

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