Winter Safety Boots

As we are fully into winter now, and the snow is just starting to arrive in the UK, many construction workers are starting to prepare for this. One of the most important pieces of winter safety workwear is your safety boots. Here at Grisport, we provide a wide range of safety boots that are suitable for all constructional work industries. We have also provided a few things to remember when choosing your winter safety boots:


Check the grip

This is extremely important if you’re going to be working outside. You need to ensure your boots have a good grip as strong grips prevent slips and falls that could be deadly – having a waterproof safety boot is a must! Your workplace may even suggest or require a certain type of safety boot grip for your footwear.


Make sure you’re comfortable

Like all construction boots, being comfortable is key! As you’re on your feet all day it is imperative to stay comfortable. Good work boots will not rub on your feet and cause irritation, your safety boots should also have strong ankle support to ensure maximum comfort levels.


Steel toes are a must

Many construction sites actually require that you have steel toe safety boots. However, like other metals, they tend to hold the cold. By choosing a composite toe (that still meets all the necessary safety requirements) you can help keep your toes warmer.

safety boots and hat

Check the size

As well as checking the grip of the safety boot that we mentioned earlier. You should also make sure your boots fit properly. A lot of people buy safety boots without them fitting properly on the heel of their foot. If your work boots don’t fit well enough on your heel this could result in them slipping or causing your foot to move around, increasing the risk of an accident.


Buy your winter safety boots from Grisport!

Grisport is home to a wide variety of safety boots and waterproof safety boots, which are appropriate for all weather conditions, particularly the winter weather.


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