Wide Fit Walking Boots vs Regular Fit: What’s The Difference?

If your feet are naturally wider than standard and you struggle to find shoes to fit, then the likelihood is you will face the same problems with walking boots. For walking or hiking boots to work effectively in terms of comfort, and protection of your feet, it is vital that you get a pair that fits perfectly.

widefitting walking boots

Wide-fit walking boots have features that support your wider feet properly, which makes them more beneficial to you than trying to squeeze into regular-fit boots. If you don’t opt for wide-fit walking boots you could face the negative consequences of ill-fitting boots. These include overall discomfort from your feet being squeezed into too small a space, blisters, posture difficulties, and long-term damage to your feet in the future. 

Wide-fit walking boots are designed to give your wider feet the extra room, and extra support they require especially for longer walks and hikes that could be over various terrains. 

How Do You Know If You Need Wide Fit Walking Boots?

There are a number of signs and symptoms to look out for that could be an indicator that you need to go from regular-fitting walking boots to boots with a wider fit. If you are already aware that you have wider feet you may already be wearing them, but these are the signs to look for that might mean your feet need the added support and features of wide-fit boots.

Blisters and discomfort 

If you are regularly suffering from blisters and discomfort along the sides of your feet, this is likely to be because your feet don’t have enough space. Feet naturally swell so a small amount of room is needed for everyone, especially in walking boots, but if your feet don’t have enough room from the start it could cause you real pain. 

Feet deformities

If you suffer from bunions, hard patches in certain hot spots on your feet, or crooked toes these are all signs of ill-fitting shoes whereby your feet don’t have enough room. 

If your feet feel cramped

You are the best judge of how comfortable your shoes and walking boots are. If you feel like your toes are pinching, are suffering from foot cramps, or generally feel increased discomfort the longer you wear them it might be time to try wide-fit versions.

There are many different causes of wide feet including genetics, but there are some circumstances and conditions that lead to feet becoming wider over time. You can be born with flat feet, where the arch of the foot is flat to the ground. People with this type of foot tend to have wider feet than others.

Pregnancy can also cause a change in foot shape and size for women, including the width of their feet, and natural ageing can also contribute to feet becoming flatter over time. 

Differences Between Wide Fit Walking Boots & Regular Fit

In order to provide the added comfort and support that wide-footed people require, specific features have been added to wide-fit walking boots too. Here are just some of those features that you can expect to find:

Wide or Extra Wide Fit

The most obvious are boots that are naturally slightly wider to allow more room for the foot. The extra width is specifically targeted around the ball of the foot and the toe section, to avoid the foot getting squashed and compressed. The wide fit range should be the go-to for any walkers or hikers that need them.

Extra Depth

As well as increased width, wide-fit walking boots also have extra depth, as wide feet are usually also taller. The extra space here allows for this and can be adjusted with the laces.

Ankle Support

The ankle section of a wide-fitting boot may have additional support or comfort features inside, although it is unusual that this area of the foot is any different in size even for people with wide feet. The extra support is a nice bonus.

Vibram Soles

The Grisport range of wide-fit walking boots is made with triple-density rubber Vibram soles, which provide an extra comfort sole without compromising on the grip or durability that these soles provide.

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Wide Fit Walking Boots by Grisport

These wide-fit walking boots by Grisport are ideal for keen walkers and hikers that have wide feet, as they encompass all of the above features to provide that level of comfort and support.

Rampage Wide Fit Walking Boot

Rampage wide fit walking boots

The Rampage wide fit walking boots are exclusive to Grisport, and are one of the most reliable in the range. They have the Vibram outsole, as well as a padded collar for additional support around the ankle. It is an extremely durable boot that can withstand very strong conditions underfoot and sits in the wide fit category. 

Snowdon Brown Wide Fit Walking Boot

Snowdon wide fit walking boots

The Snowdon wide fit walking boot is an E-fitting, so ideal for anyone with wide feet. The lining is waterproof and breathable to keep your feet protected, and it has a triple-density cushioned midsole for underfoot. Made from Italian leather it is of the highest quality and can be worn straight from the box on all terrains thanks to the Vibram sole. Expect guaranteed comfort all day.

Aztec Wide Fit Boot

aztec wide fit walking boots

The Aztec wide-fit boot is the widest walking boot in the Grisport range, and has all the comfort features you’d expect from a Grisport boot – waterproof and breathable lining, triple density rubber Vibram sole, hook eyelet lace up and full leather collar with anti tendinitis heel cushion.

Grisport Wide Fit Walking Boot Range

Browse the full range of Grisport wide fit walking boots here.

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