What Boots Do I Need For Shooting?

Shooting boots and hunting boots differ slightly from hiking boots as the purpose you are wearing them for is slightly different. When choosing which shooting or hunting boots to buy, you will need to consider the different features required and how these will benefit you for the types of shooting you take part in.

One of the main differences when hunting or shooting is that you’re likely to go off the beaten track, walking and rambling on more rugged, less worn terrain and so your footwear needs to reflect the change in the ground beneath your feet, as well as factoring in the weather conditions too. Here we’ll take a look at what you need to consider, and what features to look for in shooting boots.

Grisport gamekeeper boots for shooting

What Should You Look For In Shooting Boots?

For the highest performance in shooting boots, above all else, they need to be comfortable and last the duration of time you are hunting without causing you discomfort or pain. The following features are what will ensure your hunting boots are the most comfortable they can be, whilst providing you with the support, durability and reliability that you will need.

Durable & Robust

For shooting boots to be fit for purpose they must be both durable and robust to withstand the duration of time you will be wearing them, and the different terrains you will be covering, some of which may be rough, uneven, rocky or a mix of many. It is for this reason that many hunting boots are heavier, with thicker soles and a higher collar.

The thick sole will provide a good solid base for your feet, and adapts to the varying ground underfoot, and the higher collar protects your ankles and legs from brambles, bushes and wildlife that you’re more likely to encounter off trail paths. Combined these features will ensure your shooting boots are durable and robust enough to take on the rigour of a day out shooting


Regardless of the time of year, your hunting boots need to be waterproof. Certainly, in winter there is a very high chance of wet, snowy or icy conditions and therefore your boots must protect you against these extremes. Even in the summer when walking off trail you could come across boggy or swampy terrain, and wet conditions that your feet need to be protected against.

Waterproof shooting boots will protect your feet against the elements, keeping them warm and dry and greatly reducing the discomfort and injury that could come with wet feet.


Despite the need for sturdy, waterproof boots, the materials also need to be breathable, allowing air to circulate around your feet. This prevents your feet from overheating, which can cause blisters and discomfort. This is especially important if you are out stalking, rambling or hiking for an extended period of time. 

Although your boots for shooting must be durable and are therefore more likely to be heavier, they do still need to have breathable materials to allow for this.

Our Best Shooting Boots To Buy

Take a look at the following shooting boots to buy from Grisport, which combine the above qualities to give the best boots for hunting

Ranger Hiking Boot

ranger hiking boot

The Ranger boot is ideal for country pursuits including hunting, and is packed with some of the necessary features outlined above. It has a rugged, cleated Vibram sole, a waterproof lining, and the bellows tongue means that it is stitched right to the top of the boot for extra protection against water. The lining is sympatex breathable lining, allowing for that air circulation despite being a sturdy, waterproof boot. 


Decoy Boot Shooting Footwear

The Grisport Decoy boot has a waterproof spo-tex lining, and along with the waxed upper, this gives a great boot for repelling water. Add in the bellows tongue, and the deep cleated rubber sole and you have another strong, robust shooting boot, and this one is exclusive to Grisport.

Gamekeeper Sporting Boot

gamekeeper sporting boot

The Gamekeeper boot is one of the newer ones to the Grisport range, and is ideal for country pursuits including hunting, stalking and shooting. A great all-around boot with a protective scuff rand which protects the boot from bracken and gorse, and means it can be worn for low and highland walks. The bellows tongue allows the boot to be waterproof on all terrain, and the heel and sole are Vibram and deep cleated. The Gamekeeper ticks all the boxes for a shooting boot. 


The Alligator boot is another exclusive to Grisport and has a ‘water stop’ rubber foot which gives complete protection from rain and snow. It has an insulated fur lining which gives incredible warmth and comfort in the worst conditions. It’s very much a boot for winter, and despite the fur lining, it is also breathable with a sturdy sole. 

Interested In Purchasing Men’s Boots?

If you’re interested in purchasing men’s walking boots, or boots specifically for hunting, stalking and shooting then Grisport offers some of the most diverse boots for any occasion, and being made in Italy you are guaranteed the quality. Shop the full range of men’s walking boots on site here.

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