Unexpected Ways Walking Can Make Your Life Better

Walking is a great way to keep fit and healthy. We all know the well know benefits to walking, like the healthier body etc. But not many of us know the unexpected ways it can make your life better. Therefore, we have created a list to show you the unexpected ways walking can benefit you.


Building stronger feet

By walking on different surfaces and terrains, it will help build the strength of your feet, enabling you to eventually walk on the surfaces which are more difficult without pain. You will also be able to last for longer walks when your feet get stronger, meaning a greater experience for your walking capability.


Boost your creativity and problem solving

Not only can walking make your feet stronger, but it can also make your brain stronger. Exposing yourself to the fresh air and the basic steps/movement can stimulate your neurons. It will relax your brain, allowing you to think creatively and solve your problems without any distractions.


Stress relief

The simplicity of movement allows your mind to focus, and as it is a low skill level you can focus on your breathing and relax the mind. Allowing you to de-stress and focus on what is important. If your mind does wander, then a good way is to bring it back to the attention of walking and putting one step in front of the other.

Exercise also releases endorphins which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Therefore, the stress gets outweighed by these endorphins and so making it a great stress relief exercise.

Increases relaxation

Moving around throughout the day, around 5/6 hours before going to sleep, raises the core body temperature. When the body temperature drops back to normal a few hours later, that signals that it is time to sleep and usually get a better night’s sleep!


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