Waterproof Vs Breathable Walking Boots

Choosing the right walking boot is very important when it comes to walking or hiking. Choosing the right boot can be the difference between a pleasurable walk and an uncomfortable walk. Walking boots should incorporate different features for the perfect boot. Whether it be waterproof or non-leather, it is essential to have breathable walking boots.

Most people get confused with the concept of breathable walking boots. Many believe that breathable walking boots will stop you from sweating. However, this is not the case. Breathable walking boots allow moisture to be released yet retaining some moisture in order to prevent condensation. This allows your feet to dry out quickly and prevent blisters.

Waterproof and breathability work alongside each other, yet when getting to one extreme, the other tends to drop, due to the way in which they both work. So, the more waterproof a boot is, the less breathable it can be.

Waterproof boots are usually leather; leather is naturally repellent to water which makes it a good material to use. However, if the boot is fully leather, it is harder for the boot to be breathable and therefore it may lead to condensation which can cause blisters. On the other hand, a fabric material is highly breathable yet it doesn’t give much protection against the weather. In the spring, when the weather is warmer it is important to choose a breathable walking boot.

Grisport Boots

Our Grisport Director Safety Boot is ideal for anyone who is looking for the perfect mix of both waterproof and breathable walking boots, as it has a mixture of leather and mesh. It is suited to being in the harshest of conditions and as it is in our recommended range, it won’t let you down.

Breathable walking boots

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