Five Things To Consider When Investing In Walking Boots

If you enjoy going for long walks and being in the great outdoors then chances are you like to invest in the correct equipment that is going to serve its purpose as it should and last you for many years to come. With this said, we are going to help you narrow down the top five things you need to think about when choosing your perfect pair of Walking Boots


Your Checklist:


What Is My Budget? 


The first thing to consider when shopping for a pair of walking boots is to think about setting a budget. Work out how much you want to pay, how much you can safely afford and then narrow down your choices from there because you want to enjoy your purchase and not feel guilty for over-doing your budget in anyway. We have some great walking boots here at Grisport ranging from a variety of prices starting at just £49.00 in our current sale, and reaching up to our maximum at £155.00

The Support


The next thing you want to consider when shopping for your walking boots is to think about the level of support you want from your chosen pair. You may or not know about the variations of boots that are available such as a longer and more bulky style that goes further up your calf, as opposed to a more trainer-style shoe. You may want to consider the type of insole they have, the amount of padding around the ankle, whether the fastening is lace or zip – this will also help to decide on the practicality that the boot will offer you. 


Sizing Factors 


You may find that when looking for a pair of walking boots you may need to go either up or down a size, so it is always best to try a variety of different styles and sizes and test them by walking around a little bit to get a feel for what they feel like. To simply check that you have the correct size to support your feet when walking at a great length is to simply put both boots on your feet and push your toes forward so that they reach to the toe cap. If you find that you can place your  finger easily between your heel and the back of the boot, then you have the correct size for maximum comfort. 




A major part of making your final decision on your pair of walking boots is making sure that you know the durability factors of the particular style that you are looking at. Are the outer materials easy to clean? Are the inner lining materials durable against wet and muddy weather conditions? Is the sole manufactured to support your trek on hard ground? These are all things that you should think about before you make your final purchase. 




And last but certainly not least, it is always good insurance for yourself to double check on the aftercare responsibilities dependant on various styles of boots. For example, if you decide on a suede pair of boots, they may require a little more care than a leather pair, in order to keep the materials pristine. This should be one of the considerations that you undertake dependant on how much time you want to spend looking after your purchase. 


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