Our top stylish walking boots

Step back because our Grisport hiking boots are scaling the heights of style! That’s right, we are a the forefront of stylish walking boots. As Autumn rushes on, who can deny this is one of the most beautiful times of the year to explore all that the British countryside has to offer you. Throughout this seasonal transition the landscape comes alive with vibrant burnt orange fall foliage and the crisp autumn breeze. What’s better than embracing nature and discovering the picturesque countryside that by foot, especially if that means donning your stylish walking boots.

Our Grisport walking boot collection are just as stylish as they are comfortable. We promise a range of practical, waterproof comfort shoes that you will be dying to keep on. Let’s face it, a good hiking experience is all about your footwear, therefore, a reliable pair of walking boots should be top of your priority list! You want to ensure your outsoles grip onto that rocky terrain, they have waterproofing to keep your feet dry, and offer both support and comfort. Alongside all the technical stuff, you might also value style and the aesthetic element of your footwear. Don’t worry, because here at Grisport we understands this requirement! That’s why we have put together a round up of our top stylish walking boot styles for men, women and children…

Top stylish walking boots for men

#1 Grisport Apollo

Price: £90.00

stylish walking boots

Apollo is the first boot in our Grisport collection to have been created on the new ‘Active’ sole using the technology we’ve developed for our comfort shoe range. The sole has unique rubber ‘springs’ inside that absorb impact and give a cushioned and comfortable walk. The boots stylish design is lightweight, flexible and needs no breaking in – it can be worn straight out of the box. This stylish walking boot has a waxed brown leather upper and cordura padded collar. What’s more, like all our Grisport products this boot is made in Italy, using our premium waxed leathers and our ‘Spo-Tex’ waterproof and breathable lining.

#2 Grisport Peaklander Black

Price: £89.00

stylish walking boots

The Peaklander is a waxed leather lowland walking boot with a sleek black leather design. This incredibly stylish walking boot is consistently one of the best selling walking boots in the Grisport men’s collection and it’s easy to see why. It’s lightweight, durable and attractive, making it the perfect option for people for want a boot to take them from trail to town! The boots deep tread on the sole gives great stability on uneven terrain, making it multi-purpose for the home, hills or dog walking.

Top stylish walking boots for women

#1 Grisport Lady Hurricane Grey

Price: £89.00

stylish walking boots

Hurricane has been our most popular ladies leather walking boot for over five years and it is not hard to see why with this stylish walking boot design! The waxed leather upper has no lines of stitching or any points of weakness that could allow water ingress, while the comfort and fit are superior to any other brand.

These ladies waterproof walking boots come with a sportex lining and a Vibram rubber sole to help with the comfort of the boots. As they are one of our most comfortable ladies boots in our walking boots range, being one of the top technical boots we offer. This boot also comes in a range of colours including brown, navy and purple, enabling you to pick whatever colour best suits your style.

#2 Grisport Lady Magma-Hi Pink

Price : £85.00

stylish walking boot

Fashionable, lightweight and durable sums up Magma-Hi in three words. This stylish walking boot has a  sporty Vibram sole which gives this boot a clean and colourful look but it also gives great comfort and grip. These walking boots are pink in colour, with a suede and mesh upper. It has a Gritex lining; which is a membrane structure, resistant to rain, snow and protects against the cold. Also giving you the comfort you need for long treks. It also comes with a Vibram sole, designed to offer maximum performance, comfort and durability to even the most demanding user. With over 60 years experience, Vibram has worked with Grisport to undergo a rugged test, and these boots have been through the same tests, passing each one.

Top stylish walking boots for children

#1 Grisport Youth Alpine Hiking Boots

Price : £30

stylish walking boots

This Youth walking boot follows a stylish design with a colour scheme of black, grey, and distinctive brown shades. They are a perfect option for children and young adults with their lightweight composition and comfortable internal padding.
Here at Grisport we clearly offer some of the best quality and most stylish walking boots for men, women, and children!

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