Our top safety boots and why you need them!

Safety boots are an imperative form of footwear in any construction related workplace. They are essential for preventing all kinds of injury threats, such as heavy objects falling to the ground, careless use of equipment and coming into contact with sharp objects which everyday boots simply cannot do. Here at Grisport, we provide a range of tough and comfortable safety boots. We offer safety boots for all specialist requirements including Lightweight Safety Boots, Waterproof Safety Boots and also Breathable Safety Boots. Our safety boots are fully equipt to protect your feet when working in a construction environment, we have different options for your safety boots such as; steel toe cap boots, anti-slip sole and also shockproof safety boots. You will be spoilt for choice! That’s why we have put together a guide to our top selling Grisport safety boots and why you absolutely need them…

Why are safety boots important?

Investing in a adequate pair of safety boots is essential if you are working in a potentially risky workplace. Safety boots are designed to prevent your feet from getting injured in an unexpected accident at work such as your feet from getting injured through heavy objects falling on them or being exposed to an electric shock. Safety shoes can also prevent fatigue in the work environment. Standing up all day, especially on hard surfaces can be a real problem and the muscles in the feet can become tired. Having the right safety boots will provide support and cushioning, alleviating any strain on your feet and ultimately providing more comfort. To read more about the importance of safety boots and their features click here.

Our bestselling Grisport safety boots

#1 Grisport Combat Safety Boot

Price: £85.00

The combat boot is one of our more superior safety boots. It’s high leg offers a higher level of safety for those how need the added protection in the workplace. It is a durable, comfortable and supportive boot. The high leg offers protection against injury to the ankle and foot. It is important to invest in a heatproof, anti-static safety boot with a steel toe cap in order to protect your feet in a working environment.

It is also anti-slip so prevent any unwanted injuries occurring. As well as the sole being anti-slip, it is also grease resistant, heatproof and self-cleaning.

The combat has a steel toe cap for any falling objects within the workplace so it should protect and avoid injuries to your toes. This boot has a safety level of S3-HRO-HI, meaning it will protect against many different obstacles within the environment you are working in.

#2 Grisport Contractor Black Safety Boot

Price: £69.00

The Grisport Black Chukka Safety Boot is a great boot and incredibly versatile, making it ideal for many of the workplace environments. The Chukka Safety Boot is simply the the pull on version of our amazing, equally as popular Contractor safety boot. The only difference between these two boots is that the Chukka is a easily accessible pull on design, whereas the Contractor Safety Boot has a lace up system. However, both have a very similar level of safety and are comprehensive, fully protective boots.

Much like the Contractor Safety Boot, the Chukka is also a safety level standard S3-HRO-HI. This means that the boot is antistatic footwear, meaning they are ideal for anyone in environments where there is high technology. This is therefore a great boot for a range of conditions and necessary levels of protection.

This shoe also has multiple other features, including that it is resistant to fuel oil of outside, energy absorbent of the heel region and penetration resistance. They also have a water-resistant upper to ensure they are water-resistant for outside working conditions for up to one hour. They are also great for working in extremely hot conditions as the sole is heat proof, it is also grease resistant to ensure the anti-slip sole is secure. The sole is also resistant to 300oC heat and has a steel midsole to prevent injury to the sole of the foot by sharp objects underfoot.

#3 Grisport Worker Safety Shoe

Price: £69.00

The Grisport Worker Safety Shoe is the same specification as our best selling Grisport Contractor Brown Safety Boot. The only difference between these two boots is that this model is low cut in appearance. This boot is an extremely high-quality Anti Static boot which has been awarded a safety level of S3-HRO-HI. The boot has a multipurpose grease-resistant, heat resistant, self-cleaning sole giving it full protection and functionality.

As the boot is fully S3 protected, it is therefore finished with a number of specific specification features including anti-static, external resistance to fuel oil of outside, energy absorption of the heel region and so on. This boot is also fully water resistant on the upper, as well as being penetration resistance thanks to its anti-performaton steel midsole. The shoe is extremely lightweight at only 147g, and with its FC flex composite is therefore very comfortable and wearable as a safety shoe. Aesthetically, this trainer style safety shoe is finished with a black leather and the vibrant yellow Grisport logo.

All of these unique features made the boot extremely versatile for a workplace of any kind, offering you full protected from this resistant, multi-purpose boot.

Why choose Grisport?

Here at Grisport, we have an extensive range of S3 certified safety boots with the very best specification. Our collection boosts a selection of boots that ensure resilience, durability and safety in all environments. They are expertly designed to protect your feet in the workplace, whilst all providing comfort. If you are looking for the perfect safety boot you cannot overlook Grisport. If you require further information about any of our boots please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01670 713 344. Alternatively, for more information or tips on safety boots, and which safety boots are best for you, then take a look at our blog section here.

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