Top 5 of the best women’s walking boots and shoes

Grisport has been manufacturing boots in Italy since 1977. So we know what is the best combination for a great pair of walking boots. We also pride ourselves in the comfort of our women’s walking boots. Stylish ladies walking boots don’t have to stop there, with our comfort added into them, they are the ultimate women’s walking boots.


Ladies walking boot

1.Grisport Lady Magma-Hi Pink / Grisport Lady Magma-Hi Green

Bright colours, Upper suede mesh, Gritex lining and Vibram Rubber Sole

These stylish ladies walking boots are ideal for any type of walker. Whether you are a novice or an avid walker, and so these boots are ideal for any walker, yet suited to the lowland walker due to the lightweight of the boot and the material. They are available in bright bold colours – either pink or green. Enabling you to also show off your individuality!

The suede/mesh is great for the breathability aspect of the boot, enabling your feet to breath more freely as opposed to any other leather walking boots for women. A good breathable boot should prevent injuries like blisters, as there shouldn’t be as much friction between your foot and boot.

The gritex lining will protect the boot from the rain, snow and cold. Proving they are great women’s waterproof walking boots, suitable for any season. Enabling your feet to keep warm and dry, which is one of the main factors when choosing the correct women’s walking boots.

The Vibram rubber sole is designed to offer maximum comfort and performance. With so many layers to the sole, they all add up to create the perfect sole. They have gone through strict testing, to ensure that this is the best sole Grisport could possibly use for our walking boots.

For a lowland walker, these boots are ideal. They offer everything you need from waterproof lining, breathable outer and the comfort and safety of the Vibram rubber sole.

To view these products, click here for the Grisport Lady Magma-Hi Pink and here for the Grisport Lady Magma-Hi Green.


Ladies Grisport Lady Coniston walkings boots

2 .Grisport Lady Coniston

Blue Waterproof walking boots with a Spo-tex lining and a waterproof sole

This stylish women’s walking boot is not only a great boot for hiking but one which you can wear for everyday use. The stylish boot does not look like your usual women’s walking boot and therefore can be worn on a day to day basis as well as your hikes.

The well thought out design of the spo-tex lining allows perspiration out yet, it does not let rain or snow into the boot. Therefore, allowing your feet to stay warm and dry no matter what the weather conditions are outside!

This walking boot is fitted with a Vibram sole, offering maximum performance. It is fitted with an arch support insole, helping you keep the right shape of your foot when walking long distances up and down different terrains.

Women’s waterproof boot is ideal for any weather, as the spo-tex lining allows your feet to keep dry and warm against any weather.

The Vibram sole boots let you stay firmly fixed on the ground with its non-slip rubber sole. Making this boot a great walking boot for you. Order your Lady Coniston Walking boots here.


Ladies hurricane walking boots

3 .Grisport Lady Hurricane

Upper Made from Nubuck Waxed Leather with  breathable lining

These ladies walking boots for women are our bestsellers. A great pair of boots suitable for any conditions. They are durable throughout different conditions, with the outer being leather, and the lining spotex. This means the boot will be waterproof and breathable to our best quality.

This boot has an injection moulded heel with Vibram sole to ensure even more security and safety when walking on different surfaces. The moulded heel is to make the comfort of the boot even better. So when walking for a long period of time, the boot should still feel like when you first put it on!

This best seller is in the colour brown. However, why not check out our new colour; Lady Hurricane Grey.

The Grisport Lady is great for both low and high walking. It can be worn in any weather conditions, as it has the spotex lining to protect it from the rainy conditions. 

Order these boots now.

Cairo Walking boot in purple

4. Grisport Lady Cairo Purple

Suede / Cordura upper Walkings boot with a waterproof & breathable lining

Why not get some stylish purple ladies walking boots? These boots are not just about the colour, they perform well under different conditions. They have a scuff resistant toe cap to prevent injuries and protects the boot from the harsh underground.

This boot also has a support system which will prevent lateral foot movement on rough terrain. As it is a high boot, it will help with the ankle support too, to try and avoid any unnecessary injuries.

The boot also has a hiking PU sole, to enable the boot to grip onto different terrains easily and to help you not slip when the surface is wet.

Altogether, it’s a great boot. It not only shoes off individuality with the colour, but it has some great features too. Including the waterproof and breathable lining and also the hiking PU sole.

To order this great boot click here.


Lady Aviator5 .Grisport Lady Aviator

Lightweight walking boot with a waxed leather upper and Vibram rubber sole

These leather walking boots for women are ideal for low trekking. They are part of our lightweight collection, enabling much comfort within the boot.

It also has a honey coloured outside sole, with a brown and cream combination of outer to bring the whole boot together and make it look like a smart boot. It is both a walking boot and an everyday boot around the house and city. It doesn’t look too much like the traditional walking boot, so it won’t look out of place if you want to do everyday chores in them.

They are also waterproof and breathable as they are designed with our great spotex lining. The Vibram rubber sole will help the grip of the boot, so you shouldn’t slip as easily as other shoes!


Lightweight, comfortable and Perfect for long walks 

As these boots only weight 890g, they are incredibly comfortable so are perfect for walking long distances. They look great too so are ideal for not only walking up and down hills but also in the home.

For more information on these great boots click here.

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  • Jean Pidgeon

    In September 2017 I bought a pair of Quattro boots via a company on amazon. I was unable to continue to wear them as they caused a lot of discomfort to my left sole despite using gel inners. The company I bought them from refused to do anything as I didn’t approach them until after the 30 days returns policy. They were sold as woman’s boots and I had never suffered anything from previous boots.
    As a last ditch effort to get somewhere I contacted Customer services at Grisport Uk. They could not have been any better and sent me a pair of Glide ladies boots to try. They arrived by Next day post which was a fantastic service. I have not had opportunity to try the boots yet other than in the house and already I think they will be fine as they feel very comfortable and much lighter than the Quattro boot. My faith in customer service from the bigger companies has been restored and I can not thank them enough. The Amazon company needs to take note.