Tips and Tricks to Make Hiking Fun

Hiking is one of life’s adventures, you can immerse yourself into the depths of nature and see some of the world’s most amazing places all with just a good old pair of walking boots. If you’re planning a trip to the great outdoors, be it in a large group or with children in tow it may often be good to think of some fun activities to spruce up your hiking route. Here are our Grispost top tips and tricks to make hiking more fun, so pack your walking boots and get a shimmy on…

Top Tip #1 Prepare For The Weather

Being wet isn’t fun for anyone, especially if you don’t want the little ones to start screaming that they are cold and ready to go home! Make sure to turn out for your hike with the appropriate equipment for the weather elements and prepare for rain, cold temperatures or even sun. You’ll need wet weather gear in the form of a waterproof breathable jacket or even poncho as a lightweight alternative, and of course comfortable and sturdy waterproof walking boots. Dress for success and layer up to make sure everyone stays warm, dry and happy!

Top Tip #2 Geocaching

You might not have heard of this one before, but geocaching is such fun for all ages and a great one to try up on a summer hike! It is essentially a high-tech treasure hunt that requires a GPS and some basic navigational skills. Turn everyone into true explorers with this top tip – simply bring a handheld GPS (or your phone) and check the official geocaching website for where ‘X’ marks the spot before you leave.

Top Tip #3 Foraging

Why not try your hand at foraging for treats during your hike! Berry picking is a strong favorite and if you go down to the woods you are likely to see a blackberry bush or two ripe and ready for munching during the months of September and early October. Pick up and turn them into a delicious jam – that if any make it home with you! You can also forage for nuts, seeds, edible flowers and mushrooms. However, be VERY CAREFUL when doing so as there can be a number of poisonous berries and mushrooms so you must be sure to do your research and make sure you are certain what you are picking before you eat it. A plant identification guide can come in very handy for helping you with this! Seeking expert advice is also a good idea and you can even find out about wilderness survival schools!

Top Tip #4 Photography

Remember the moment and take home some great memories by snappy away during your hike. It is so easy these days to pack your smartphone in your pocket and have a portable camera with you at all times. Have fun capturing the nature and landscape around you and have beautiful shots to share with your loved ones when you return home.

Top Tip #4 Pack All The Snacks

Keep those tummies satisfied and pack some delicious snacks in your backpack! You don’t want to be leaving people moaning with hunger so make sure to take regular snack breaks. Try trail mix, protein bars, fruit and of course water because it is just as important to STAY HYDRATED!

Top Tip #5 Trail Games

Little legs and short attention spans can often be a recipe for disaster when taking children hiking. Therefore, a top tip for keeping hiking fun is to play trail games on your way round. Keep your hiking group (big or little) motivated and entertained by creating trail games to play such as counting wildflower species, spotting wildlife like birds or squirrels, I spy and so one. You could even try writing a scavenger hunt for everyone to follow! Trail games make the experience educational and good fun!

Top Tip #6 Tell Stories and Have a Sing Song

Get your sing-a-long on… share your favorite songs and step to a beat! Or simply chat away and tell your favorite stories to keep those minds entertained and the laughs rolling all day long.
We hoped you enjoyed these Grisport top tips and tricks to make hiking even more fun! If you are planning an upcoming hike be sure to check out our walking boot range for men, women and children and equip the whole family today!

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