How to survive Duke of Edinburgh?

If you have decided to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh award (DofE), well done! It will be one of the most rewarding things you will do. At the time you may think you have made the biggest mistake, but trust us, keep at it and it will all be worth it! And if you follow our steps on how to survive Duke of Edinburgh, it will hopefully make everything that little easier!

#1 Keep to your checklist


The checklist has been well thought out, and everything on there has been put on for a reason. So make sure to stick to it. Saying this, pack as light as possible. This is easier said than done as the rucksack will be heavy, but don’t pack things which are not needed. Remember to learn from the practice walks, take note of what you didn’t use and think will you really need it for your final expedition?

#2 Stay dry

One of the most important rules for DofE is to try and keep dry, because you will not be able to ever get back dry, which ruins your experience. We would recommend you to invest in a good waterproof jacket and trousers. Always pack them at the top of your rucksack with easy access in case of a sudden downpour. Another good tip is put a bin bag inside your rucksack before you pack, this will help keep the rain out of your belongings. We would also recommend you buying a cover for your rucksack, most rucksacks usually come with one, but double check before you start your expedition.

#3 Layer up

No matter what time of year you go, it will always get cold at night, remember to layer up. More layers will increase your body temperature rather than one thick item of clothing.


#4 Break in your walking boots


As you will be doing a great amount of walking, it is essential to have comfortable walking boots. Make sure you get the right boots for you, and it is essential to break them in. Click here for a full guide on how to break your walking boots.

#6 Stick together

Walking as fast as you can will not get you anywhere. Take it steady, it not about being first to camp on the first day as then by the 4th day you will probably used all your energy up! Remember to walk as fast as the slowest person. Encourage your group and stick together. After all this is a group activity and you will need all the group to help in different ways.

#5 Plan your food

meal plan

Planning what you are going to eat is essential. Make sure you know what you are going to eat down to every last meal. It is important you have packed enough food, but not too much as you will be carrying unnecessary weight. It may be useful to write down what you will be eating for each meal. Be prepared to be eating a lot of pasta! Not only because it is light, but also gives you the carbohydrates you need to keep your energy up.

#7 Learn from your mistakes

Lastly, learn from your mistakes. That’s why you have practice walks, so you can learn. We would advise you to take a notepad on your practice walks. If there is something which you think you could do with next time, write it down so you don’t forget, then make sure you pack it, this is good organisation skills, and can even be shown in your presentation at the end.

Remember to have fun, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! If you do need any walking shoes, we have a great range for you. Click here to view our full range.

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