Start walking with this guide

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, fed up or simply want to get out of the house, then taking a hike can be exactly what the doctor ordered! Whether you are out for a quick half an hour or for the full day, taking a walk can do wonders for your mentality and physical endurance.

However, before you go on any walks etc. make sure you are fully prepared. Here we have a guide to help you before you set off on your walks. This guide is for the shorter walks and not for the overnight treks etc. so keep this in mind before you use this guide.

Once you are ready to set off for your expedition, it is important you check these things and make sure all of them are done before you set off. This is important for your safety and staying comfortable.


Check the weather

Ensure you are prepared for the right weather, make sure that you check the weather days before and on the day. If it is scheduled for storms etc. be very careful and take care, it may be better for you to postpone the event for a better day.


Pack the essentials

Make sure you have a good map and navigation with a planned route complete with notes and plan B’s for your journey.


Sun protection

Even on the coldest days, you will get lots of UV exposure. Therefore, make sure you pack sun cream, sun glasses and a hat.


Layer up

When you are walking, your body temperature will continue to change, therefore it is better for you to layer up, so you can take layers off or add more to get the correct body temperature for you.


Stay seen

Even if you are only planning for a day trip, things can happen and you could potentially find yourself still walking in the dark. Make sure you pack a head light, or a lightweight flashlight.

Tip – Check these work before setting off.


First aid

First aid is essential, and a basic kit should be carried at all times. So ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities. Remember to pack any personal medication too. It is essential that you have a basic understanding of first aid, in order to help you if you find yourself in any potential difficult situation.

first aid

Be aware

Be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to your body. How is it reacting? How are you coping with the walk? If you feel like you need to take a break or even finish for the day, make sure you listen to your body.



Make sure you let at least one person know you are going for a walk, even if you are in a group or by yourself, it is important that somebody else knows. Make sure you let them know a full detailed description of where you are going and if possible, when on the route, let them know where you are up to. Give them a rough estimate time of arrival, then let them know you have arrived safely.


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