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We understand it is February, and you have probably forgot about your new year’s resolutions. Which is why we believe it is a great time for you to start challenging yourself now! So we have pulled together a list of outdoor ideas for your resolutions.

We believe by actually setting yourself small and achievable targets, then you will be more likely to stick to them. Therefore, don’t jump straight into it, as it will push you further away from the goal!


#1 Beat your personal best

Only you can be on the to decide what this is in, whatever you have done, try and beat it. Whether it is beating a personal best time in walking a specific route, or whether it is pushing yourself that little further to walk the furthest you ever have. Try and set yourself a target and work towards it, once you complete it, you will feel so much better and will continue to strive and beat that target.


#2 join in

This could be joining in a walking club or simply joining in with your friends. Whatever it may be, make sure you are proactive and join in. Walking is great exercise and joining in with friends or a club will help socialise more.


#3 discover somewhere new

There are plenty of walks which you can get involved in. With 15 national parks around the UK, there is plenty of green space around, which means no excuses! Take a look at the natural beauty around you, the picturesque walks. Even if it is just a walk near your house, go exploring, you never know what you may find!


With all this walking, make sure your waking boots are sufficient for the job. If you require a new pair of boots, then take a look at what we have on offer, we provide mens, womens and kids walking boots.

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