Remember to leave no trace! – Help the environment

Putting on your walking boots and getting into the great outdoors is a great feeling, especially now we are in the summer. Summer is the perfect time to dig out your walking boots and get active! Yet have you ever wondered how it is effecting the outdoors and the environment around you? We love our parks and countryside. Which is why we would like to remind you of the steps you should think about when going on a walk to enable you and others to keep enjoying the outdoors for many years to come. – Leave no trace!

#1 know your route

Remember to plan ahead, make sure you know where you are walking and what areas you are going to camp in. Make sure those places you are planning on camping are suitable and you are allowed to. These rules are to protect you, not to stop you from having fun! So always double check.

leave no trace

#2 Throw away your rubbish correctly – Leave no trace

If you are in a campsite, leave no trace. Leave the area as it was when you arrived, remember to put any rubbish in the bins provided. Yet, if you are on a walk, and there are no bins around, don’t throw it on the ground. Be prepared and bring a plastic bag, put your rubbish in there and carry it with you until the end of the walk when you find a bin. Throwing rubbish on the floor not only makes the ground look untidy, but it will be dangerous for any wildlife around.

#3 Camp away from water

By camping away from water it will allow you not to contaminate the water with any foreign substances. Therefore, it is essential to camp at least 200 feet away from any water, including; rivers, streams, lakes or rivers, this is in order to protect the wildlife and their habitats.

#4 Observe from a distance

When finding wildlife, it is always tempting to go up close, maybe even to feed it. However, do not do this, it may scare the wildlife and by trying to feed them may alter their behaviour, which can have serious effects.

#5 keep the structures as you found them

Although it may be tempting to calve initials into rocks or keep something as a momentum, it is not advised as it will not be good for the eco system.

Remember to enjoy the experience. These rules are here to help you and others enjoy your experience and future walks which you participate in. If you require new walking boots to help you start your adventure, click here to view our full range.

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