How To Prepare For A Summer Hike

The summertime can be the perfect time to take a hike. With a higher promise of good weather and the lighter nights increasing the amount of time you have to explore, it can be a great time to dust off those walking boots and go outdoors. But have you considered the preparation that you will need to undertake prior to your hike? Here at Grisport we are going to discuss the different factors that you should think about to prepare for a summer hike…


How To Prepare For A Summer Hike


Research Your Route


The first step to preparing for your summer hike should always be to consider the trail you are going to take, otherwise it can be quite difficult to prepare for your hike if you don’t think about this first. You should think about which location you are wanting to explore, is it a high-ground route or low land? Is it a challenging trail or a pleasurable, relaxing walk? There are so many online guides to the best hikes that England has to offer, just like this blog from ‘Hand Luggage Only’


Prepare Physically and Mentally


If you are a relatively new beginner to hiking then try not to jump the gun by choosing a route that is too difficult or strenuous for you. You should pick a trail that you know you are capable of completing AND enjoying. Prepare physically and mentally for your hike, by maintaining regular fitness and as a precaution, you could even take a trip to see your local GP if you are an experienced hiker and your route is particularly difficult. Just before you begin your hike, you should make sure to stretch to warm up your muscles, you may think that a hike is just a long walk, but your aches and pains afterwards will tell you differently, and hiking gently exercises your whole body, not just your legs. 


A good fitness routine to endure during the lead up to your hike is strength training. This can involve squats, deadlifts, push-ups and kettlebell exercises, for example, to work on improving your cardiovascular fitness. 


Pack The Essentials


You should always make sure you are prepared for every eventuality when you are off on a hike. This means carrying a sturdy and secure backpack, and taking the following with you:

– A map

– Compass 

– Sun protection/Insect repellent 

– Plenty of water

– Energy-boosting snacks

– Torch

– A mini first aid kit

– Waterproofs

– Whistle (in case of an emergency)


Dress The Part


Prior to venturing out on your hike, you should always make sure to check the weather forecast. Yes even during summertime, this is essential. Especially in England. It will make your life so much easier in terms of knowing what to wear and whether to opt for your waterproofs or pack them in your backpack. The main item of clothing that you should consider when getting dressed for your hike is of course, your walking boots. Here at Grisport, we have an extensive range of Men’s and Women’s walking boots.


When shopping for the perfect walking boot you want to know if the style you like are durable, waterproof, have a non-slip sole and are sturdy and secure to wear all day long. Here are some of our top picks:


Men’s Walking Boots:

Keeper Hiking Boot


Everest Trekking Boot


Explorer Trekking Boot


Women’s Walking Boots:


Lady Hurricane Navy Boot


Timber Black Trekking Boot – 


Lady Amethyst Walking Boot


Prepare For Your Summer Hike With Grisport…


To prepare for your summer hike, take a look at our stock of men’s and women’s walking boots here at Grisport. With a range of sizes, a variety of styles and designed with comfort and functionality at the forefront, they are an investment worth making to ensure your summer hike is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 


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