How to make your walking boots last longer

You can get very attached to walking boots. Especially if you have walked everywhere in them, they can become very special. So are you doing everything you can do in order to make them last for longer? We have some hints and tips for you in order to allow you to keep walking in your beloved walking boots.

#1 Clean your walking boots properly

Make sure you clean your boots properly; this is essential for them lasting as long as possible. It is essential to clean your boots after every walk, otherwise they the dirt will result in cracked and rotten walking boots, meaning you will have to replace them sooner rather than later. For more information on how to look after your walking boots, click here.

#2 Change your insoles

You don’t need to do this regularly, however, you may need to do this two or three times before you will have to change your boots. By doing this, it allows you the boots to feel like brand new. Thus, prolonging the life span of the boot. The reason for changing the insole is due to the arch support, when walking for long periods of time. The arch on the insoles become worn out and not supportive. Therefore, the comfort element has gone, which will ultimately make any walker buy a new pair of boots. Yet if this is changed every so often, it will decrease the amount of walking boots you will have to buy in your life time.

 #3 Store them safely

Storing your boots in a safe and clean place will help protect them. We would recommend keeping them in the same box they came in, this will allow them to be protected from any damage.

#4 keep on top of your sole

If you have had your boots for a while, and they still feel brand new apart from the sole. It may be worth you getting a new sole put on them. This will make the boot feel like brand new, and it will keep them lasting a lot longer.

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