What to look for when buying a pair of walking boots

If you’re someone who tends to go out on walks or hikes a lot, then looking after your feet and finding a pair of walking boots that will protect them is one of the most important things you can do. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the basic things to look for when finding the perfect pair of walking boots for yourself.

The Material

First of all, think about which material might be best for yourself, there is generally two different types of material – suede and leather.

Leather Walking Boots

Leather boots are waterproof, tough and durable, while still being breathable. Leather walking boots are normally quite a bit heavier compared to fabric walking boots, which also means in summer conditions your feet can get quite hot and sweaty.

Suede Walking Boots

Suede boots are a lot more breathable than leather boots. They are also slightly more comfortable as they have a more of a flexible element to them as opposed to leather walking boots.

Tread Sole Pattern  

The chunkier the tread pattern the better your walking boots will be in muddy conditions. The tread on all walking boots should be deep enough to grip on wet and muddy paths, while also still providing support on dry rocks.

The Protection

Having protection around the ankle of your walking boots will not only provide support but it will also shield your ankles when you’re walking through long grassy areas. Reinforced protection around the toe and heel is also an important factor when looking to purchase walking boots.


Remember you can always get accessories for your walking boots, such as insoles to improve comfort or add warmth in the colder months. At Grisport we provide a range of different accessories, from shoe care kits – which you can get free with every order over £50 to sport shoe insoles.

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