Important things you must know before buying safety boots

Safety boots are designed with one specific purpose – to provide optimum protection to your feet in some of the most challenging and dangerous working environments. Before you decide to purchase a new pair of work boots, you must do some research about the various things you need to know about safety boots – in order to make the correct decision for yourself and your work environment.

Don’t size up!

Unlike when you’re buying leather shoes, where people normally like to size up as the leather gets softer. It is not essential to size up with safety boots, they are more sturdy and quite inflexible. It is important that safety boots fit just right! If they don’t, this could potentially implement in more damage if an injury unfortunately arose. They can inflict injuries like bone fractures, sprains and also concussions. Therefore, it is imperative these particular shoes fit right.

Take time to look properly

It is important to not rush looking for a pair of safety boots – there are a lot of varieties of safety boots for many, some will focus on different parts of the feet to protect. Start this process off by allocating some time to find the right pair of boots for you, we also recommend reading reviews and descriptions thoroughly, if you’re shopping online to find out what fit the boots are and how they fit on other peoples feet.

Find a comfortable pair of safety boots

A common misconception about safety boots is that they aren’t comfortable to wear. While safety boots are designed with comfort in their top list of priorities, that doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable at all. If you get shoes that fit properly then they shouldn’t hurt or take a while to wear in – especially good quality safety boots. Think about wearing appropriate socks with your safety boots. Here at Grisport, we supply packs of work socks and other accessories to obtain and maximise comfort levels while wearing your work boots.

Think about your requirements first

When it comes to buying safety boots, the overall look of them shouldn’t be what you’re basing your final decision on. An employer’s outlook on the safest pair of professional grade industrial safety shoes shouldn’t be impacted by their looks.

Make sure they fit on the heel

A lot of people buy safety boots without them fitting properly on the heel of their foot. If your work boots don’t fit well enough on your heel this could result in them slipping or causing your foot to move around, increasing the risk of an accident.


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