The Importance of Wearing the Correct Shoes in Winter!

As the long winter continues to drag on, we face more dark nights, frosty mornings and wet weather! When facing such winter weather conditions it is essential to have the correct footwear. While winter might mean early nights in front of the fire for most of us, some still like to brave the great outdoors and venture out in the wet weather! Venturing out in winter can be breathtaking,  with snow covered scenery and crisp air. However, it also presents unique challenges such as extreme weather conditions. Before you head to brave the elements in winter, be sure to think ahead and prepare for the prevailing weather conditions with the correct shoes. Direct from our expert Grisport team, this is why it’s so important to wear the correct shoes in winter,

Keep your feet dry

Ensuring your feet stay dry in winter is essential and purchasing the correct shoes will protect you in wet winter weather. Waterproofing is a major concern to a footwear buyer and you can check the waterproofing of your shoe by reading the specification. If you’re looking for a waterproof shoe to keep your feet dry, all walking boots are water-resistant to an extent, although some will be significantly more waterproof than others. The outsole and upper keep water out through their respective materials, and the upper also has a breathable function so that the feet’s dryness is kept intact. This is therefore something to consider when purchasing the correct footwear.


Keeping your feet warm is another essential in winter and can be assisted by the correct footwear. Keeping your feet warm during the winter months isn’t just important for good foot health and comfort, it’s also important to good overall health. Foot specialists say cold feet can weaken your immune system and can also cause problems with certain health conditions such as diabetes. Wearing appropriate footwear during the winter months, especially when participating in outdoor winter activities, can help prevent sickness and injury.

Support and Injury Prevention

The correct footwear is also incredibility important in winter for providing support and preventing injury! If you have a pre-existing injury such as ankle, foot, shin fractures, ankle sprains and so forth correct footwear can assist this from worsening from sprain during winter months. Furthermore, footwear with anti-slip technology and expert grip is highly recommended for winter when slip hazards on snow and ice are more pronounced.

Winter Footwear by Grisport

Here at Grisport, we carry an array of shoes and walking boots for men, women and children with features that will cover you for a range of terrain types and weather conditions this winter. Browse our website to view our bestselling range.

We hope you enjoyed this Grisport blog and now feel more prepared when choosing the correct footwear this winter. If you are planning on engaging in outdoor activities this season, be sure to utilise our comprehensive range of winter walking boots, if you require any help with selecting the appropriate boot contact us on 01670 713 344.


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