How should your walking boots fit?

You just can’t beat a solid pair of walking boots! A high quality, well fitting, pair of walking boots are one of the most important purchases any walker or hiker can make for a long distance walk. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing your walking boots, so the Grisport team have pulled together some of the main factors to help you find boots that allow for worry free walking!

Consider your foot shape

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to choosing your walking boots it’s really important to get a pair of boots that fit just right. Make sure the shoes are wide enough – ladies with wide feet could consider the same walking style but in a mens walking boot as the front of the boot may provide more comfort in this way. Vice versa men with a more narrow heel, if size allows, could try the same style but in a woman’s boot.

There’s no ‘right shoe’ for different foot shapes, proper fit and comfort should be the main factor you consider when choosing the best shoe for your feet.


grisport socks
Socks from Grisport site

When trying on walking boots it’s important to try them on with walking socks that you will be wearing when you go out on a walk, this will ensure that the fit of the boot is accurate! Wearing a good quality pair of socks will help increase the comfort of the walking boots and prevent rubbing and painful blisters.

Try on both boots

Try on both walking boots to check the fit. Have a walk around and see how the boot moves – make sure they don’t rub against your heel. Your feet should fit securely and snugly and feel comfortable from the moment you try them on!

Grisport step by step guide

The Grisport team have pulled together a step by step guide to help find the perfect fit:

Finger test

The finger test is a great way to figure out whether they’re the right fit. When trying on your new boots, wiggle your toes and make sure you have enough room! There should be at least a half-inch between your longest toe and the end of the boot, which is approximately the width of your finger! So you can easily check this by placing your finger in between your heel and the back of your shoe – if it doesn’t fit it’s time to size up.

Test for sore spots

Wear your new walking boots to go on a few short walks, as this will help to identify any sore spots on your feet where the walking shoes are rubbing. These commonly tend to be the top of your big toe or the heel, so make sure to tape these areas up when breaking your boots in. 

Measure your feet

You should measure your feet every time you buy a new pair of shoes. If you’re in a shop you can ask the salesperson to measure both of your feet, or if at home do it yourself or ask a friend or family member. If one foot is larger than the other try on a pair that fits your larger foot.

Lace them up

The way you lace up your boots will affect the fit of them. Too loose and they won’t fit correctly, too tight and they’ll feel too small. Once laced up make sure to have a walk around to make sure they still fit once fastened.

Extra help to improve the fit of your walking boots 

We’ve pulled together a few extra trips to help improve the fit of your walking boots:


grisport insoles
Insoles from Grisport site

Insoles can help improve the fit of your walking boots! They act to cushion and support the arch  of your foot, and removable ones can be removed to dry if they become wet whilst you’re out walking.

Change your laces

Grisport laces
Laces from Grisport site

If your shoes seem to have lost their tightness try replacing the laces

Break them in

It’s important to buy your walking boots well in advance of any hikes you have planned, because before venturing out in them you need to break them in. Breaking your walking boots in is essential for ensuring you and your feet are comfortable whilst walking!

Top tip

Don’t buy the first pair of boots you try on, make sure to try on a few, to help you find the pair of walking boots that fit you best.

Grisport offer a wide range of walking boots for all shapes and sizes!

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