Hiking for beginner’s starter pack

When most people think of hiking, they will probably think of walkers with oversized rucksacks walking up mountains for days at a time. Well not all hiking is like that, and if you are just starting to get into hiking, then the last thing you will probably want to do is go hiking for days! That’s why we have created this hiking for beginners starter pack.


So don’t worry about starting with a couple of hours walking, along as you are outside being active, it will all contribute to a better body and mental state. Any hiking is building your strength and endurance, which will help you for future walks.


#1 Don’t overdo it

Firstly, you need to decide how long you want to hike for, you do not want to over work yourself for your first hike. Pick a walk depending on how long you have, whether it is a full day or just a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. If it is one of you first walks, remember to add a little extra onto the time they say it will be done in, as you will probably not be as quick as you would like.


#2 Hike with a friend

Hiking with a friend to start with is always advisable, they will be able to push you further and it is safer. However, when you are more confident, hiking by yourself can be therapeutic and people like to reflect on life when up in mountains. Yet if you do hike by yourself, remember to be more cautious as it can be more dangerous.


Remember if you do hike on your own, however advanced you are, tell somebody. Let them know where you will be hiking and what time you expect to be back; this will try to avoid any unnecessary incidents.


#3 what to wear

If it is your first walk, you will probably want to get all the newest and latest gear. However, we wouldn’t recommend this, make sure you are certain that you would like to carry on before you get the equipment.


If there was anything that you should buy when hiking, it should be hiking boots. Hiking boots are essential to make your hiking experience the best it can be. Having quality hiking boots will ensure you don’t get blisters and ankle injuries when on the expedition.


If you would like to view our hiking boots, click here. We have different boots to suit different needs, and levels of hikers.

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