The Grisport Guide To Gift Giving

We don’t want to scare anyone – however we are just under TEN weeks away until Christmas is here! Wow, just where has the time gone?


There is no better feeling around the festive season than giving a gift that you just know a loved one is going to absolutely love. Whether it be that desired pair of walking boots that they have been ‘umming and ‘aaring over for months, or a sturdy pair of safety boots to provide the upmost protection for work that they just don’t want to purchase themselves – we have the perfect style solution for everyone here at Grisport, so we thought with the big day looming in the not so distant future, what better time to deliver our Christmas guide to gift giving… but don’t worry – we won’t be coming down your chimney with it! 


The Grisport Guide To Gift Giving This Christmas 


Nail The Style


Each person very much has their own sense of individual style. This means that no matter which purpose of footwear that you are purchasing for a loved one, whether it be a relative, a friend or a colleague – ensure that you have a clear idea of what they like and what they already wear. Nobody wants to receive a gift that is ‘not them’ – so make your pennies worth the while by making sure that you know exactly what your recipient favours. 


Fix Your Budget


Here at Grisport, we have a wide range of premium Italian-made footwear made with only the best materials and with ultimate comfort and functionality in mind. Our collections start from very reasonable price points, gradually teetering higher up the ladder depending on the leathers used and the features implemented. Before you consider choosing between your selected styles, it is always best to fix your budget first before you even start looking. Work out exactly how much you want to spend, and how much you would be willing to stretch the budget slightly if needs be, then you can go into the purchase with a happy, guilt-free mindframe. 


Ensure You Know What You Are Purchasing 


If the great British outdoors and walking up mountains, across the countryside and exploring new trails is not for you, the be sure to ask for an expert opinion on your selected pair of walking boots prior to completing your transaction. If you are not a natural walker, then chances are you may not be aware of the specific details that you should be looking out for in a pair of walking boots. Our team at Grisport are always on hand for if you require any assistance with purchasing a product from our website. Give us a call today! 


What Picks We Would Love To See Under Our Tree…


Now we have the basic fundamental gift giving ground rules clear, now it is time for us to pick out our best loved styles of footwear available right here at Grisport that we would LOVE to find under our tree on Christmas morning! 


Rollo Ladies Trekking Boot 

For the lucky lady in your life, who loves to spend her weekends outdoors exploring new places, why not treat her to our beautiful Rollo Trekking Boot? The navy and silver colour palette compliments the winter season perfectly, separating this style to any other she will have in her wardrobe, and the soft faux fur upper trim provides the elegant, luxurious touch at a complete cruelty-free cost. The D-ring fastening, deep cleated rubber sole and Spotex lining means this style is super easy to wear, extremely comfortable and warm and ultimately makes for this boot to be your leading lady’s best friend for taking away on a hike! 


Explorer Trekking Boot

Every active walker needs that one trusty pair of walking boots that they can rely on every season, to keep their feet comfortable and warm no matter the weather. And this is exactly what our Explorer Trekking Boot provides our Grisport customer with. Retailing at an impressively affordable £60.00, this style is available in both black or brown, and is designed using only the finest of Italian leathers that are versatile enough to be polished to a high shine or waxed for a matte finish. We classify this boot as one of our new entry level styles – perfect for both the experienced walker and the beginner! 


Slate Active Slip On Boot

If you are looking for a super easy and versatile style for your loved one, then why not try our Slate Active Slip On Boot? The slip on wear of this Chelsea-style boot means it is super easy to grab and go on your way out of the door, and means that you don’t have to worry about laces becoming undone or zips getting caught and damaged! The laid back style of this boot also means it can be worn both while out on a hike, but it is also perfect if you are thinking of stopping off at a local pub for a spot of lunch to refuel! Currently retailing at an amazing £85.00, you are simply paying for impressive attention to detail – with this boot being designed with a shock absorber running through the sole allowing comfort on all terrain, while the added active air system provides ventilation in order to keep your feet cool. With no breaking in required, it simply is comfort from the box to your feet. 


Combat Safety Boot

If you are buying for your partner whom works in construction, or your colleague who is in need of some new work attire – then our Combat Safety Boot is a brilliant choice to tick all of their boxes. This style happens to be one of our more superior Safety Boots here at Grisport, with a high leg offering a higher level of safety and security, not to mention protection while in the workplace. This boot has an anti-slip sole, is heatproof tested and anti-static with a steel toe cap in tow to thoroughly protect and look after your feet while you work. It has a safety level of S3-HRO-HI meaning it is well equipped to protect from multiple obstacles that could come your way in the working environment and retailing at a current £85.00 – it’s simply too good to pass on! 


Titanium Safety Boot 

What do you buy the man in your life who has it all? A brand new pair of functional Safety Boots for work of course! Chances are this is the one thing that he will not buy himself, so save him a job and gift them under your tree this year. Our Titanium Safety Boot currently retails for a fantastic £85.00 – and is a vibrant, fun and fashion-forward black and orange striking design. With no break in required, your man can simply take these out of the box and head straight to work! This style has been designed at top spec and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it is super light weight to ensure maximum comfort for all day wear. 


Tick A Present Off Your List With Grisport… 

If our blog post has inspired you today to shop over on Grisport, then simply head on over to our website where we stock a range of Men’s, Ladies and Children’s footwear to make the perfect gift for Santa to leave behind this Christmas! 

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