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Once you’ve found the perfect pair of walking boots you want them to last for as long as possible, and in order for them to do so you need to be looking after them correctly. We can assure you that if you take good care of your walking boots, then your walking boots will take good care of you! 

When it comes to figuring out how to clean walking boots, and which products to use, the options can seem endless. That’s why the Grisport team have put together a short boot care guide to help send you in the right direction.

Protect your walking boots 

Using good quality products, specifically designed for this use, is key to keeping your boots up and running. Protecting your walking boots helps to maintain them, keeping them ready for your next walk.

Protection spray

grisport footwear protection
Grisport Footwear Protection £5

Treat your boots with a good protection spray, and you’ll reap the benefits. Our protection spray aims to protect your footwear against water damage and oil spills without affecting the boot’s breathability. It invisibly protects leather, suede, fabric and wool materials and helps to protect against stains.

Store them away correctly 

Don’t just chuck them in the shoe cupboard with the rest of your shoes. If you’re putting your boots away for the foreseeable future then make sure they are completely dry, remove the insoles, and ensure to store them in open air, away from sunlight and moisture. 

Waterproof cream

Waterproof Cream £8

Applying a waterproof cream will help to keep your boots in the best possible condition, ensuring they remain breathable and supple. 

Take care of your insoles 

Insoles can make a world of difference when it comes to the comfort and fit of your walking boots, so you need to take care of them.

Change your insoles

Ultra Absorb Insoles £7

When investing in a good pair of walking boots, you need to make sure that you feel 100% comfortable, especially to walk for long periods of time without changing. A good pair of insoles are always great to consider to keep your boots as fresh as possible!

Clean your walking boots

Regularly cleaning your walking boots is key. After each hiking trip or muddy walk you’ll need to properly clean your boots to help give them a longer and healthier lifespan. 

Shoe polish

Shoe Polish 50ml £1.49

Shoe polish helps to add shine, nourish and protect your walking boots. To apply, simply use one of our small shoe brushes and rub the polish over the area. Allow your boots to dry then take a second (clean) small brush, add a drop of water to the bristles then polish vigorously!

Cleaning fabric for walking boots

It can be difficult when it comes to deciding how to clean walking boot fabric. It’s best to use specific shoes cleaner, making sure to stay away from regular soaps and detergents. Walking boots come in a range of materials including full grain leather, nubuck, and suede.

Leather walking boots work well with wax cleaning and waterproofing products. However for nubuck suede walking boots it’s best to opt for lighter treatments, avoiding heavy waxes. Grisport offer a range of cleaning products suitable for leather, nubuck and suede boots.

Grisport 4 step guide to clean walking boots 

Although cleaning your walking boots may not be the first thing you want to do when returning from a muddy hike, it’s a must. The Grisport team have pulled together a 4 step guide for how to clean your walking boots to help make the process that little bit easier!

Step 1 – removing any mud 

The first step when it comes to cleaning your walking boots is to remove any mud. If the mud is left on it can dry out the boots, which can lead to the leather cracking – so make sure to remove as much mud as possible! Banging the boots together or off of a hard surface will help to get rid of excess mud, stones and dirt. For more stubborn mud you can rinse them with water and using a nylon brush gently brush off the mud.

Step 2 – wash and scrub 

Next up, wash and scrub! As tempting as it may be to just chuck your walking boots  in the washing machine – DON’T. This can completely ruin your boots.

Before you begin the cleaning process make sure to remove the laces and insoles, these will need to be washed and dried separately. Go on to rinse them with water or a damp cloth, make sure not to submerge the boot itself as this could cause irreversible damage. Use a shoe brush or nylon brush to remove any remaining dirt.

Step 3 – (optional) waterproofing

This one isn’t a must, but we highly recommend waterproofing your walking boots, as this will boost their longevity! Choose a cream, wax or spray waterproofing product that best suits your walking boot fabric.

Step 4 – let them dry 

Once you’ve finished cleaning your boots it’s essential to let them completely dry. Stuffing each boot with newspaper or tissue will help speed up the drying process as it’ll absorb excess moisture. It’s important to let them dry naturally, so avoid placing them under direct heat. 

don’t be tempted to speed up the process by using a hair dryer or placing them near a radiator!

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