The Grisport Accessories You NEED This Winter

As we are fully immersed in true Autumn / Winter style now, we are beginning to see a lot more rain, strong winds and dropping climates, which ultimately brings muddy trails and slippery surfaces in tow! 


You have your footwear checked off your list, now it is time to consider what extra features you could truly benefit from throughout the colder, wetter months, in order to elongate the life and quality of your boots, enjoy maximum wear and ensure you are getting your money’s worth from every purchase. 


What Grisport Accessories Do I Need? 


A Cleaning Kit – 


Whether you have purchased a pair of Walking Boots for your weekend adventures, a new pair of Safety Boots for protection at work, or you fancied a new pair of good quality Wellingtons – one extremely valuable accessory to invest in alongside your footwear is a cleaning kit! 


Remember to check with the particular style of boot that you have purchased before you use ANY cleaning product on your shoe, as certain leathers can only be cleaned with specific products. 


Here at Grisport we have a range of cleaning supplies such as:


Protector Spray – £4.99

Waterproofing Cream Jar – £8.99

Shoe Polish – £1.49

Two Piece Brush Set – £2.99

A Boot Bag 

For just £9.99, why not treat yourself and your new boots to a safe and secure boot bag to store your boots in while in transit to your destination? This will protect your footwear from getting scratched, looking messy and keeping all of the dirt in one place once you take them off after a muddy winter walk. With a side zipped pocket this is the perfect bag for storing yours or your children’s footwear along with a special compartment for your hat and gloves. 


Snow Grips

Come rain or shine, snow or sleet – Snow Grips will always make for an extremely beneficial extra safety measurement that you can take on your footwear this winter. For just £12.99, they are designed to prevent slips or falls, however be sure to always remove when walking on laminated flooring, tiles or carpet!


Fleece Insoles 

For just £1.99, our Fleece Insoles here at Grisport are a vital accessory to have in your cupboard! You never know on those colder days, you may just require a little extra warmth and comfort and that is exactly what our fleece insoles can offer you! 


Hiking/Trekking Laces

It is always good practise to keep a spare pair of laces in your bag or cupboard if your Walking Boots or Safety Boots have a lace up fastening. After long weat, laces can be prone to general wear and tear – meanwhile your actual boot will probably be functioning at high speed, so rather than purchasing an entire new style – just simply switch up the laces! Pick up a pack of our 175cm laces for just £3.50 today! 


Long Shoe Horn 

If you suffer with mobility issues, or elderly age means taking your shoes on and off and a discomforting task, then why not purchase one of our long shoe horns? For just £2.50, it is available in Black, Red, Yellow and Blue to provide a sturdy supportive tool for getting the maximum comfort and enjoyment out of your Grisport shoe. 


Special Offers At Grisport…


Keeping our customers happy and satisfied is one of our key priorities here at Grisport – which is why we are happy to offer special offers on our footwear and accessories! Take a look at our current offers…


FREE Accessory Pack

When you spend over £50 on your order, you can receive one of our Free Accessory Packs which are worth over £30! 

This exclusive pack includes one pack of Gaitors, one Grisport branded water bottle, and one tube of Waterproofing Wax.


Sale Stock


We run an extensive sale here at Grisport, where some of our impeccably manufactured styles are available at a discounted price in our Outlet. With current prices starting from just £1.99 – it is always worth keeping your eye out to see what bargains you can bag today! 


Get In Touch…


If you require any professional assistance with any of our Accessories that we stock here at Grisport, in order to know which is best for your style of boot or what you should prioritise purchasing first, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Give us a call on 01670716858 today to speak to a member of our Grisport team. 


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