How comfortable are your comfort shoes?

At Grisport, we have our very own comfort shoe range. We pride ourselves on creating the most comfortable shoes. With research going into our shoes constantly. We have the most up to date combination of materials and products to help with the comfort of our shoes.

What makes shoes comfortable?

Understanding what are good comfortable shoes can save you many hours trying to find the right pair of comfort shoes. It all comes down to the design of the shoe itself. Our comfort shoes are designed to fit your feet perfectly. Our shoes have been researched, designed and tested around various shapes of feet to ensure that they are of best quality of comfort they can be. Whatever the shape of your foot is, our shoes are designed to fit them due to our ERGONOMIC shape shoes.

It’s important to support your ankles!

Our support system will help keep your ankle locked into places. Allowing less movement to occur and therefore preventing an injuryAnkles are at more risk of becoming injured if you fall during a hike or walk – especially when not wearing comfort shoes with an ankle support system.

We have an anti-shock system put into place, this protects the heel while encouraging the natural rolling of the foot, yet also acting as a shock absorber for any sudden impacts.

Our comfort shoes have special insole technology, made out of felt, and with it being highly breathable, it will absorb the sweat and dry as soon as you take the shoe off.

The most important factors in shoe design that will make shoes comfortable

  • Padded lining inside
  • Foam insole
  • Flat base
  • Enough room inside the shoe
  • Firm sole – nothing too flimsy

The benefits of our comfort collection

  • Our new styles have memory foam insoles, enabling them to keep the shape for your foot, to ensure you have the most comfort possible.
  • They have high quality ventilation to minimise odour and moisture.
  • In order to minimise fatigue, they are ultra-light, which has had intense research into.
  • They will keep your feet warm and dry to the Gritex lining our comfort shoes have.

Active shoes

Active Shoes are the perfect shoes to wear all day long. Giving you shoes that are comfortable to wear during any walking/ hiking activity through the whole duration.

To view our full range of comfort shoes, click here. We have a great range of shoes with laces, Velcro and high rise upper. So whatever you decide to wear, our comfort shoes will make you feel as though you are walking on air!

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