Active Autumn: How To Get Your Children Outdoors This Autumn

It is officially beginning to feel like Autumn. The children are back to school, the climates are getting cooler and the dark nights are slowly starting to creep in. This usually means children will spend more time indoors, tending to watch more television or spending time on their computer games. But did you know, that children between the ages 2-5 spend 32 hours a WEEK, in front of screens, and ages 6-11 spend around 28 hours a week in front of the television? 


Those statistics are rather staggering, right? Check out our top tips on places to visit, hobbies to take up and experiences that your children can enjoy with family or friends this Autumn that will take their attention away from the screens, and encourage them to venture into the great British outdoors…


Outdoor Ideas For Children This Autumn –


Be Inventive With The Outdoors


How many people go out and spend money on little finishing touches for the home such as Potpourri? Well, why not encourage your children to pop on their walking boots or wellingtons, and head outside to collect as many Autumnal themed naturistics as possible. Make it extra fun if you have more than one child with you, and turn it into a competition! See who can find as many conkers, unusual coloured or shaped leaves and acorns as you can before heading home to decorate them!


All it takes is a little bit of glitter, glue and ribbon and you can have a brand new table piece made lovingly by your little helpers! 


family walk

Get In Touch With Nature


If your children have a love for animals and all things fluffy, warm and friendly – then why not take them on a Nature Walk? No matter whereabouts you live in the UK, there are so many excellent Nature Reserves that you can visit to learn all about new birds and enjoy a little picnic along the way. You never know, if they really enjoy their time here, you always have the option to join your local Wildlife Trust


Give Nature A Loving Home


Instil kindness, loving and caring attributes in your children by encouraging them to give nature a loving home this Autumn. With so many small birds, bees, frogs and many more struggling throughout the colder months, you can simply get involved with garden activities and create your very own personal plan with RSPB that suggests six simple activities that you can do to help give nature a home where you live. The activities can include anything from creating your very own Bird Cafe, to growing a tree and/or installing a water butt. 


Go For A Bike Ride


Learning to ride a bike is one of the biggest accomplishments that any child can achieve, right? We remember the day we finally got our stabilisers took off and hit the open park riding solo for the first time! However, it is reported that under 3% of pupils aged five to 16 cycle to school, with more than a third travelling by car. If you are lucky enough to live near your local school, then do as much as you can to encourage your children to ditch the car and hop on their bike this Autumn! Those crisp, sunny morning commutes to school can feel ten times better crunching through the red and green autumnal leaves and enjoying some quality time together before they begin their day in the classroom. 


Camp Out In The Garden


Who said camping had to be far? Why not pitch your tent in your own back garden, and sleep under the stars at the weekend? You have everything you need on hand being in the grounds of your own home, an actual toilet nearby, and not to mention you shouldn’t run out of food either being just metres away from your kitchen. Not everything has to cost a lot of money when you put your mind to it. 


Go Fruit Picking


It may take a little longer to find spots that have a good source of Fruit and Veg in at this time, but when you hunt one down near where you live, head outdoors with your children to pick your own fruit! Nothing tastes sweeter than a strawberry you have picked with your own hands, or a delicious blueberry smoothie that you have collected from the farm. 


Let’s Go To The Beach


Come rain or shine, nothing is more relaxing than a trip to the beach! Pop on your walking boots and a raincoat if needed, and head out of the front door for your nearest coast. You can pick up a delicious hot chocolate to walk along the pebbles with, while spotting unusual pebbles that you can collect to take home, and even fly a kite if you fancy it. The perfect activity to catch up as a family and ensure that your child is happy and healthy!


walk with grisport

Walk The Grisport Way…


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