Hiking boots 22/07/2022

Walking Boots vs Walking shoes: Which is right for you?

The main difference between walking boots and walking shoes are firstly the style, with walking boots being sturdier, often with a thicker sole and a higher collar for added protection. Walking shoes are generally lighter weight, and may not always have some of the technical features found on walking boots, such as waterproof linings or reinforced soles. The key difference between walking boots vs walking shoes are the types of terrain and walks you will be able to do in them. If you are a well seasoned hiker or trail... Read More

walking boots 12/10/2021

When To Replace Your Walking Boots: An Expert Guide

Walking boots are perhaps the single most essential item for hikers or any sort of walking enthusiasts. However once you’ve found the perfect pair it can be hard to accept when it’s time to say goodbye to them!   How long do walking boots last? Although proper care and protection can extend the longevity of your walking boots, they can’t last forever. After walking a certain distance and lasting a certain length of time, there will come a time when your beloved hiking boots will need to be replaced. The types... Read More

how should walking boots fit 19/08/2021

How should your walking boots fit?

You just can’t beat a solid pair of walking boots! A high quality, well fitting, pair of walking boots are one of the most important purchases any walker or hiker can make for a long distance walk. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing your walking boots, so the Grisport team have pulled together some of the main factors to help you find boots that allow for worry free walking! Consider your foot shape Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and when it... Read More

the benefits of hiking 27/07/2021

The benefits of hiking

The benefits of hiking are numerous. A great form of exercise, it also brings with it an array of mental health benefits and other general perks. Whether you’ve already caught the trail bug and are interested in finding out what you’re gaining from your favourite activity, or if you’re yet to take it up and are intrigued by what it has to offer, we’ve pulled together some of the main benefits of hiking. What Can Hiking Offer You? Hiking outdoors has a lot to offer. The reasons people love hiking... Read More

Kilburn white horse 13/07/2021

10 of the best summer walks in the uk

Grisports top picks for summer walks in the UK The UK is home to an abundance of beautiful walks and it’s sometimes hard to know where to start! Whether you prefer long coastal walks or steep uphill hikes, there is something for everyone, and our selection of routes are bound to make you want to lace up your favourite walking boots and explore the beautiful open spaces the UK has to offer. The warmer summer days and lighter evenings increase the amount of time there is to explore, so if... Read More

family walk 30/07/2020

Best Hiking Tips for Beginners & Post-Lockdown Rules

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, more and more people are taking the opportunity to travel a little further afield for some outdoor exercise. Currently in the UK, there are not any limits on the distance you can travel for outdoor exercise, including hiking. You can exercise with people from outside of your household, provided social distancing guidelines are followed (a distance of 2m between people from different households). This means that popular visitor centres and hiking spots are likely to become overwhelmed, with a lot of those people likely... Read More

upper wharfedale 01/07/2020

6 Ways Walking Can Help Your Mental Health In 2020

Over the last three month, due to COVID-19, we have all been advised to stay at home to minimise any potential spread of the virus. While many people have been able to work from home during this time, many others have not and the prolonged time indoors has been somewhat of a struggle for those who usually enjoy getting up and getting out to explore. With the worry that the pandemic will have a devastating effect on the nation’s mental health, we wanted to share the importance of keeping as... Read More

Hiking boots 01/07/2020

The Best Views In Britain & How To Prepare

The view at the top is arguably the best part of a hike – right? And while Britain may not always have the perfect weather, or the highest mountains to climb, one that we do have is for sure – some of the best views! Today we’re going to walk you through (pardon the pun) just three of our favourite trails in Britain for every adventurer’s bucket list – and how to prepare before your hike. The Best Views In Britain Hadrian’s Wall If you are searching far and wide... Read More

safety boots and hat 15/01/2020

What To Consider When Purchasing Safety Boots

What To Consider When Purchasing Safety Boots Here at Grisport, we understand the importance of owning the correct footwear that ticks all of your boxes. From the protection, support and comfort, right down to the aesthetic finish – there are many things to consider.  Purchasing footwear that is designed to perform and manufactured to withstand longevity is an investment, at the end of the day. Even more so if the intent of the purchase is for workwear, especially on chosen styles such as Safety Boots.  Many industries now ask that... Read More

3 people walking up a hill in walking boots and with walking equipment 15/01/2020

Your Grisport Guide On How To Fit Walking Boots

Your Grisport Guide On How To Fit Walking Boots Have you made a New Years resolution that you would like to accomplish throughout 2020? Many people find that a brand new year is the perfect dawn to kick-start the desired hobby that they have put off for so long, improve their health or set themselves a fitness challenge. But it is one thing yourself this new goal, and it is another trying to stick to it. However, one way that can help you see a goal through and ensure that... Read More