Our Top Picks For Durable Walking Boots

While we know that British summers can be quite unpredictable, it is always best to be as prepared as possible when investing in your Grisport walking boots. This means choosing a style that provides durability and can be easily looked after. We have rounded up our top picks for men’s and ladies Walking Boots that we think are a great purchase to last you through whatever the weather may bring…    Men’s Walking Boots   Peaklander Walking Boot   Our Peaklander men’s walking boot is the epitome of a strong,... Read More


Five Things To Consider When Investing In Walking Boots

If you enjoy going for long walks and being in the great outdoors then chances are you like to invest in the correct equipment that is going to serve its purpose as it should and last you for many years to come. With this said, we are going to help you narrow down the top five things you need to think about when choosing your perfect pair of Walking Boots…   Your Checklist:   What Is My Budget?    The first thing to consider when shopping for a pair of... Read More

goodyear excursion wellington 04/06/2019

Prepare for unpredictable summers

Even though summer is right around the corner and we expect the temperatures to soar and the sunshine to stick around, it is always best to prepare for the unpredictable nature of British summers that we are more than prone to having. Showers and storms are always a possibility in Britain, and you don’t want to get caught short when out walking on the weekends wearing the wrong footwear. That is why here at Grisport we have a range of Wellingtons perfect to pack in your holdall to ensure that... Read More

Hiking boots 03/05/2019

Gift-spiration as Father’s Day gets closer

Father’s Day is held on Sunday 16 June this year and we hear you, you think this blog post may be a little premature, we’re still easing our way into May, right? But fear no more. Dad’s can be notoriously tricky to buy for, they never want for anything, they don’t want their children to waste their money so it’s a constant battle of trying to figure out what could be the perfect gift. However, this is why we’re starting our Father’s Day gift buying blog post early because we... Read More

Hiking boots 10/04/2019

Beautiful Spring Walks to enjoy this Easter

With the Spring Easter break on the horizon within the next week, now is the perfect time to schedule some ‘self care’ into your break from work or school and spend time in the great British outdoors soaking up the fresh air. We all know that walking is good for us, it is a gentle form of exercise that we can do on a daily basis whether it be walking your children to school, walking your dog or going out for a long hike – but did you also know... Read More

rollo ladies trekking boot 26/03/2019

Treat Mum this Mother’s Day with our Ladies Walking Boots

Whether you are walking the dog, going away to the countryside for the weekend or venturing on a heavy hike, the right choice of footwear is essential to make your excursion as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If your Mum enjoys walking but very rarely treats herself to the appropriate supportive attire, why not treat her to a pair of our Ladies walking boots? With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend it is the perfect gift to indulge in and she won’t realise how much she has needed them until she... Read More

joiner safety boot 19/03/2019

Check out our new selection of Safety Boots

Here at Grisport, we understand the importance of owning a good pair of shoes that tick all of the boxes for you. We offer an extensive range of safety boots that have been designed to fully equip you for working in a construction environment. Providing breathable boots that will keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout the working day with a sturdy and secure exterior for ultimate safety in the workplace, you can be guaranteed to find a long lasting pair of boots worth the investment when you shop with... Read More

wyre 26/02/2019

Winter Safety Boots

As we are fully into winter now, and the snow is just starting to arrive in the UK, many construction workers are starting to prepare for this. One of the most important pieces of winter safety workwear is your safety boots. Here at Grisport, we provide a wide range of safety boots that are suitable for all constructional work industries. We have also provided a few things to remember when choosing your winter safety boots:   Check the grip This is extremely important if you’re going to be working outside.... Read More


Ladies walking boots for Spring

If your feet are comfortable, warm and dry, then chances are you’ll feel a lot happier when you’re hiking or having a spring stroll. A great pair of waterproof walking boots are essential this spring because even though we are expecting the weather to brighten up you just never know what may hit you on your walk! Here at Grisport, our ladies walking boot collection offers some of the best styles of waterproof walking boots and many other suitable boots.   Some of our favourite waterproof walking boots…   Grisport... Read More

winter walking boots 13/01/2019

The Importance of Wearing the Correct Shoes in Winter!

As the long winter continues to drag on, we face more dark nights, frosty mornings and wet weather! When facing such winter weather conditions it is essential to have the correct footwear. While winter might mean early nights in front of the fire for most of us, some still like to brave the great outdoors and venture out in the wet weather! Venturing out in winter can be breathtaking,  with snow covered scenery and crisp air. However, it also presents unique challenges such as extreme weather conditions. Before you head... Read More