The Importance of Safety Boots

Safety boots are essential in a variety of work environments. The purpose of safety shoes is to protect feet against a wide range of injuries including cuts, burns, punctures and other workplace injuries.  Why do we need safety boots? Prevention is key! In some working environments accidents are an unfortunate likelihood making it extremely important to stay as safe as possible. This is why safety footwear are so important, and a staple piece of PPE amongst many industries as they’re specifically designed to help avoid nasty accidents and injury. Prevention... Read More


Safety Boots: A Complete Buyers Guide

What are safety boots? Safety boots, also referred to as steel toe-capped boots, are designed to protect your feet from any injuries that can occur in the workplace. Safety boots incorporate a number of safety features including protective toe-caps, insulation against extreme temperatures, and penetration-resistant midsoles. What are safety boots used for? Safety boots are used in working environments that involve manual labour or working with heavy machinery, to help reduce the severity of workplace injuries.  Safety shoes can also prevent fatigue in the work environment. Standing up all day,... Read More

Grisport Safety Boots 21/08/2019

Safety Boots Protective Properties Explained

Do you work in an environment that requires you to wear certain footwear that is deemed as appropriate for the workplace and any working activity, to prevent bodily harm or risk of injury? These can be known as steel toe cap boots, but are best known as safety boots. Safety boots are a style of footwear designed with protective properties to ensure that you get your job in hand done safely and successfully.    What Do Safety Boots Protect You From?   A sturdy pair of comfortable safety boots will... Read More