walking boots boot care 17/11/2021

Grisport Boot Care

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of walking boots you want them to last for as long as possible, and in order for them to do so you need to be looking after them correctly. We can assure you that if you take good care of your walking boots, then your walking boots will take good care of you!  When it comes to figuring out how to clean walking boots, and which products to use, the options can seem endless. That’s why the Grisport team have put together a short... Read More


The Grisport Accessories You NEED This Winter

As we are fully immersed in true Autumn / Winter style now, we are beginning to see a lot more rain, strong winds and dropping climates, which ultimately brings muddy trails and slippery surfaces in tow!    You have your footwear checked off your list, now it is time to consider what extra features you could truly benefit from throughout the colder, wetter months, in order to elongate the life and quality of your boots, enjoy maximum wear and ensure you are getting your money’s worth from every purchase.   ... Read More

Grisport Safety Boots 31/10/2019

The Grisport Guide To Gift Giving

We don’t want to scare anyone – however we are just under TEN weeks away until Christmas is here! Wow, just where has the time gone?   There is no better feeling around the festive season than giving a gift that you just know a loved one is going to absolutely love. Whether it be that desired pair of walking boots that they have been ‘umming and ‘aaring over for months, or a sturdy pair of safety boots to provide the upmost protection for work that they just don’t want... Read More


You Ask, We Answer: Grisport Guide

When it comes to a brand that you have never worn before, or you know little about, it can be hard to know exactly what type of product will be best worth your money. And sometimes, you can be left with a lot of questions regarding the fit, the quality, the purpose and many more. This is why today we thought we would answer all the most common questions we get asked about here at Grisport – so that no matter whether you are a new or old customer, you... Read More

Family Walk 13/09/2019

Active Autumn: How To Get Your Children Outdoors This Autumn

It is officially beginning to feel like Autumn. The children are back to school, the climates are getting cooler and the dark nights are slowly starting to creep in. This usually means children will spend more time indoors, tending to watch more television or spending time on their computer games. But did you know, that children between the ages 2-5 spend 32 hours a WEEK, in front of screens, and ages 6-11 spend around 28 hours a week in front of the television?    Those statistics are rather staggering, right?... Read More

3 people walking up a hill in walking boots and with walking equipment 12/08/2019

8 Tips for an Autumn Hike!

Although we’re still in the summer season, the recent storm the UK has witnessed has got everyone at Grisport thinking about Autumn. Autumn is one of the best seasons for hiking as you can expect low humidity, less heat and some amazing Autumnal scenery.  However, it is important to prepare for this change to fully enjoy your hiking experience. We have compiled 8 tips which will help you through your hike this Autumn… #1 Check the weather forecast: There is no surprise that the Autumn weather can fluctuate a lot.... Read More

checklist 05/09/2017

How to survive Duke of Edinburgh?

If you have decided to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh award (DofE), well done! It will be one of the most rewarding things you will do. At the time you may think you have made the biggest mistake, but trust us, keep at it and it will all be worth it! And if you follow our steps on how to survive Duke of Edinburgh, it will hopefully make everything that little easier!   #1 Keep to your checklist The checklist has been well thought out, and everything on there has... Read More

safety boots and hat 22/08/2017

Safety Boots – Everything you need to know

Health and safety is an important aspect in any workplace. Which is why it’s so important that you wear the correct safety boots. Understanding which boot to get and what each of the codes mean can be difficult. Which is why we have created this blog post to help you find the right safety boot.   There are many things to consider when choosing safety boots, while we all still want to look good when working, the colour and style take a backseat in the decision process!   Safety boots... Read More

Hiking boots 10/08/2017

How to make your walking boots last longer

You can get very attached to walking boots. Especially if you have walked everywhere in them, they can become very special. So are you doing everything you can do in order to make them last for longer? We have some hints and tips for you in order to allow you to keep walking in your beloved walking boots.   #1 Clean your walking boots properly Make sure you clean your boots properly; this is essential for them lasting as long as possible. It is essential to clean your boots after... Read More

hiking boots to help prevent injury 27/06/2017

Do hiking boots help with injury protection?

When it comes to hiking it’s important that you wear hiking boots that are supportive, flexible and provide great traction. This will help to reduce the likelihood and severity of common hiking injuries. Aside from wearing good quality hiking boots you’ll need to ensure that one or two people in your hiking group have a first aid kit. Also make sure that you are stocked up on supplies, such as bandages, blister plasters and ibuprofen, so that you can tackle any eventuality. Having the knowledge of how to identify various... Read More