The best walking festivals

Summer is here, and so is the festival season. Festivals are a great way to experience the things you love with people who share the same passion. Whether it be a music, ale, food or a walking festival, you will surely find a group of people with the same passion as you do. So dig your leather walking boots out and let’s go to a festival.


Purbeck plod; 25th July

This is not for the fainthearted, this is a one-day festival, which an option of either running 25 miles or walking 16 miles. This is not just about the distance, there are many climbs along the two routes, making it much more challenging. So if you think you have what it takes to take part in this challenging festival, register now.


Pendle Walking festival; 12th– 20th August

If it is your first festival, we suggest the Pendle walking festival. This is one of the biggest festivals in the UK. It is an annual event running from the second Saturday in August to the following Sunday. There are different pacers each day, walking for beginners to advance, ranging from just a couple of miles to challenging walks.


Snowdonia outdoor festival; 11th – 13th August

There is something for the whole family at this festival. It is not just a walking festival. There’s walking plus much more, including music, the headliners are ‘The lightening Seeds’ and ‘Scouting for girls’. Alongside this are outdoor activities such as canoeing, cycling, windsurfing and much more! This is a great festival for all the family to enjoy, they also have camping, so you can make a holiday of it!


Isle of Harris mountain festival; 9th – 16th September

This one-week long festival is a celebration of the coasts of Harris. With activities such as guided walks to suit all abilities, water sports, photography workshops, guest speakers and much more. A great festival for all the family, with many activities for all ages.


Things to pack


  • Leather walking boots. These are the most essential kit to take with you, so remember these!
  • Depending on the size of the walk you are planning, depends on the size of the bag, but a quality bad is essential.
  • Water bottle or a water bladder bag. (These fit in your rucksack with a tube coming out, so you can take a drink without stopping).
  • Sun cream. No matter how sunny it is, when walking you will always get a bit of tan.
  • Do not forget this, because when you are up in mountains, it’s very rare there are going to be shops to provide you with the food! Always remember to bring extra for emergencies.
  • As it is UK walks, there is no doubt that there is going to be a little rain, therefore, packing waterproofs is essential.
  • First Aid Kit. Make sure you have an adequate first aid kit with all the essentials. Also include a torch and whistle for emergencies.
  • Money and a phone. This is for emergencies, as you never know what may occur, however, if you are at a festival it is more likely you will be able to get rescue.


If you need any equipment for your walking festival, then click here.

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