The Best Views In Britain & How To Prepare

The view at the top is arguably the best part of a hike – right? And while Britain may not always have the perfect weather, or the highest mountains to climb, one that we do have is for sure – some of the best views! Today we’re going to walk you through (pardon the pun) just three of our favourite trails in Britain for every adventurer’s bucket list – and how to prepare before your hike.

The Best Views In Britain

Hadrian’s Wall

If you are searching far and wide for a trail with a hint of history and culture, why not visit Hadrian’s Wall. With a stretch of 73 miles from coast to coast, the Northumberland trail was built to guard the wild North-West frontier of the Roman Empire. While visiting Hadrian’s Wall you can view Roman artefacts, discover the remains of forts and towers and soak up the stunning picturesque views of the rocky landscape.

The highest section of the wall (and one of the best to walk) is said to be between Chollerford to Birdoswald Fort, with breathtaking views of the Lake District and the Pennines.


Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall 

The Lizard provides picturesque coves and beaches in southern Cornwall. Covering 7.7 miles it is considered as a moderate level walk, whether you take on the coastal paths, Trebah Garden or the six-mile walk around Loe Bar lake. While you’re there, you can enjoy the sightings of Lizard Lighthouse, Kynance Cove and so much more! 


Scafell Pike, Lake District 

The tallest mountain in England! At 978 metres, Scafell Pike is cared for by the National Trust. A destination that is certainly not to be underestimated, you are advised to plan ahead, use a map and compass for direction and to ALWAYS check the weather conditions before you set off. 

There are many routes that you can take up to Scafell Pike, you can check them out here.  


Preparing For Your Hike

Research Your Route

Before you set off ANY trail, you should always research your route. Not only for safety reasons but so that you know where to walk for the most enjoyable experience. Think about the location you are going to – is it high-ground? Low land? Is it a challenging, long route? Or does it provide a short, relaxing walk? This will especially be beneficial to determine whether a route is right for the level of walking that you are used to.



If you are a beginner to hiking then try not to jump the gun by choosing a route that is too difficult or strenuous for you. You should pick a trail that you know you are capable of completing AND enjoying. Prepare physically and mentally for your hike, by maintaining regular fitness and as a precaution, you could even take a trip to see your local GP if you are an experienced hiker and your route is particularly difficult. Just before you begin your hike, you should make sure to stretch to warm up your muscles, you may think that a hike is just a long walk, but your aches and pains afterwards will tell you differently, and hiking gently exercises your whole body, not just your legs!


Pack The Essentials

You should always make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality when you are off on your walk. This means carrying a secure rucksack (like our Rapide 18L Rucksack) and taking the following: 

– Map & Compass

– Sun protection/insect repellent (depending on the time of the year / where you go)

– Water

– Energy-boosting snacks

– Torch

– First Aid Kit essentials

– Waterproofs (you can never be too prepared in Britain!)

– Whistle (in case of an emergency)

Wear The Correct Attire

The main item of clothing that you should consider when getting dressed for your hike is, of course, your walking boots. Here at Grisport, we have an extensive range of Men’s walking boots and Women’s walking boots, why not check them out today!

*Tip: When shopping for the perfect walking boot you want to know if the style you like is durable, waterproof, have a non-slip sole and are sturdy and secure to wear all day long!

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