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When it comes to a brand that you have never worn before, or you know little about, it can be hard to know exactly what type of product will be best worth your money. And sometimes, you can be left with a lot of questions regarding the fit, the quality, the purpose and many more. This is why today we thought we would answer all the most common questions we get asked about here at Grisport – so that no matter whether you are a new or old customer, you receive the right guidance and advice to prepare you for your brand new Autumn purchase…


Grisport Guide –


Grisport Quality


If you tend to be an avid walker, enjoying your weekend with a long hike, or challenging yourself on the tricky trails that the UK has to offer, then it is important to invest in a quality pair of Walking Boots that will last you for years to come and support you through your adventures. 


Here at Grisport, we can assure you that all of our Walking Boots are of the highest quality Italian materials and are designed and manufactured to be:


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Secure and Supportive to the foot and ankle
  • Cushioned Insoles for maximum absorption 
  • Durable / Robust 


We have a range of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Walking Boots, ranging from a variety of affordable price points, in an array of materials, colours and styles so that we have something for everyone. 


We are able to categorise our Walking Boots into three main collections; Backpacking, Lightweight and Lowland, to offer a rough guide on which specific style of boot is best for your particular purpose. 


What To Look Out For


There are four main components to a Walking Boot, that combine to make up the perfect shoe for walking in either treacherous conditions, or at your leisure. Learning the components will aid you in choosing the correct style of Walking Boot for your personal needs or activity. 


  • The Outsole – The Outsole is the rubber strip or TPR that runs along the bottom of the boot, into the tread. Treat patterns can vary on the style of boot. Chunkier treads tend to be best in muddy conditions, whereas a white shallow tread is better for rockier paths. 
  • The Midsole – The component between the insole and outsole, and acts as a shock absorber, aiding to protect your feet and provide comfort. 
  • The Upper – The outside of the boot above the midsole. Uppers are usually found to be made of sturdy and hard wearing materials such as leather or lightweight options such as synthetics. 
  • The Liner – Some walking boots can be manufactured with a waterproof inner which will protect your feet against wet outdoors, ideal for wet weather walks. 


How Do I know If My Walking Boots Fit Correctly?


This may seem like a pretty easy question, but it is one hundred percent vital that you get the fit right, in order to enjoy a comfortable pair of practical Walking Boots. To check that you have the correct size to last you, simply start with removing the insole and size match it up to your foot. Then pop the boot on, and ensure that the tongue is central as you lace it up, try walking up a tilted platform or slope, exaggerating the movement through your foot, and consider the boot crease while doing so. Simply, your toes should not touch the front of the boot and there shouldn’t be an exaggerated crease as you walk, as this would mean that there is too much free space in the boot. 


Looking After Your Walking Boots


When you invest a lot of money into your Walking Boots, you want to ensure that you look after them in order to get the maximum quality of life out of them, for them to be well worth the investment. There are many cleaning products that you can purchase from our website that can assist in looking after your Walking Boots, from Protector Spray, Waterproof Cream, Ultra Absorb Insoles and many more. You can also take a look at a previous blog of ours that gives you the full guide on how to look after your Walking Boots and what each product does. 


In addition to the products that can assist in taking care of your footwear, you can also follow these simple steps that can be done at home with ease:


  • Clean your boots after every walk
  • Don’t dry your boots off in a hot room or near an extreme source of heat – this can cause the leather to damage
  • Stuff the boots with a sturdy, well-fitted filling to ensure that the boot keeps its shape when not in use

Where Can I Shop The Grisport Collections?


Our Head Office showroom is only available for Trade customers only, however you can shop all of our range of Walking Boots over on our website ( and over on our Italian website.


Get In Touch


If you would like to discuss more about our range of Walking Boots that we have available here at Grisport, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 01670713344 or email us as and we would more than happy to assist on your purchase to finding the perfect pair of Walking Boots with Grisport! 

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