8 Tips for an Autumn Hike!

Although we’re still in the summer season, the recent storm the UK has witnessed has got everyone at Grisport thinking about Autumn. Autumn is one of the best seasons for hiking as you can expect low humidity, less heat and some amazing Autumnal scenery.  However, it is important to prepare for this change to fully enjoy your hiking experience. We have compiled 8 tips which will help you through your hike this Autumn…

#1 Check the weather forecast:

There is no surprise that the Autumn weather can fluctuate a lot. It is a tricky season to get consistent weather reports as you can go from one extreme to another. Whether that’s trekking in the Summer sun or walking in what feels like an early winter – you need to be prepared for all aspects. Once you have checked the weather the day before you’re due to hike you will then be able to prepare the appropriate attire to wear. 

#2 Layer up:

Following from checking the weather, it is important to layer up during Autumn. You could venture out on a colder morning and it then could turn into a really warm sunny day as you’re walking. Therefore, wearing layers means you’ll be warm in the chilly mornings and you can take your layers off once it gets a bit warmer throughout the hike! 

#3 Stay hydrated:

This tip goes without saying, however, some people forget to stay hydrated as they think just because it’s slightly cooler they will be fine but this isn’t always the case. It’s so important to drink water even on the cooler days. 

#4 Fully charge your phone:

Again, another top tip that people may think is obvious – but you’d be surprised at how many people leave the house without their mobile phone being fully charged. It goes without saying, but having a phone is essential in an emergency and it’s always nice to have it for photograph opportunities also. 

#5 Wear appropriate walking boots:

During Autumn, the terrain most of the time is very unpredictable and if you’re not prepared with high quality, durable walking boots you’re at risk of injuring yourself and slipping. Here at Grisport, all of our hiking boots are made to last. From handmade walking boots that guarantee quality, to our use of superior cutting edge technology, you can rely on the quality of Grisport products. All of our products feature premium quality leather uppers. We have a range of waterproof walking boots, leather shoes and boots designed for hiking.

#6 Watch the clock:

Autumn days are shorter than usual – in order to reach your destination before dusk, make sure you set off early and give yourself plenty of time. 

#7 Eat high-fat foods:

Nuts are a great snack to take with you on a hike. And best of all they don’t take up too much room in your rucksack. These foods metabolise slowly, prolonging the body-warming effect that comes from digestion. 

#8 Have fun:

It’s important to always make your walks fun and enjoyable. Trying different routes when you go out for a walk will keep your hiking experience engaging and unforgettable. 

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